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Saving Videos vs. Linking to YouTube Videos for use in GoTalk Now… plus how to save YouTube videos

Why I prefer to save videos to the iPad vs. linking to YouTube when using the GoTalk Now app:

  • I had too many patients’ highly preferred videos disappear from YouTube. That typically triggered a meltdown or they lost interest as I attempted to find a different version of it on YouTube.
  • Saved videos play immediately (no delay = immediate reinforcement of that request). I had several patients who had been seen multiple times by various SLPs over the years at the facility where I worked and they never appeared to understand cause/effect or be motivated to communicate when in fact the issue was the reinforcement wasn’t immediate enough for them to form that connection.

See a side by side comparison in this video.

I used the Screen Recording feature in the iPhone Control Center to take a screencast video while I was playing the YouTube video to save it. Then I edited the video to crop off a little at the beginning and end. My iPad Pro running iOS 10.3.3 doesn’t have a Screen Recording option in the Control Center. My iPad Mini 2 running iOS 12.4.8 could record but didn’t have sound. I was able to do this via my iPhone 11 running iOS 13.5.1 and then used AirDrop to send it to my iPad Pro to use in the GoTalk Now Plus app. My guess is an iPad running at least iOS 13 would have sound in the screen recording but have no way to know for sure 🤷🏼‍♀️

Info about the Control Center:

An alternative to using Screen Recording is to download free software onto your laptop that will allow you to download and save videos from YouTube and several other sources. I just tried out the YouTube ByClick software and it worked very well. The resulting video was a little larger on the screen than the one made via screen recording. But it involves having to use your laptop to download the video, e-mailing the video to your iPad and then saving that video to the Camera Roll.

I can see using YouTube ByClick when I want to save several videos ahead of time to prep for a session. But the Screen Recording method would be my “go to” for the convenience.

In a pinch you could even just use the iPad to video a YouTube video being played on a computer or TV. I’ve done that before. The quality isn’t nearly as good but the patient still enjoyed watching it.

Reminder: GoTalk Now & GoTalk Now Plus are both on sale through the end of October 2020. Extremely rare sale so if you’ve been wanting either of these apps NOW is the time to get it.

See this post for sale info and more ways that I use this app:

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Using Guided Access to Prevent Exiting an App… updated info for 2020

If you will be using an iPad with kids, then Guided Access is your new BFE (Best. Feature. Ever!). It can be used to disable the home button (or swiping to exit on devices without a home button) and lock the child into an app. Especially critical if you will be using the iPad as an AAC device or using it in therapy with kids with poor impulse control. See this info from Apple for the most current info and step by step directions:

If you are using an Android tablet for AAC, learning or therapy, you’ll need to get an app to lock the child into “kiosk mode” (like Guided Access on an iPad). This one is free and has pretty good reviews: SecureME – Android Kiosk Launcher Lockdown Pro: Another option is Fully Kiosk Browser & App Lockdown, If those become unavailable, don’t work or you want other options, search for “Kiosk” to find similar apps in the Google Play App Store. Be sure to read through reviews and make sure it doesn’t have ads.

I was not able to find anything similar on the Amazon App Store so I suggest researching this if you plan on using a Kindle Fire tablet.

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Visual Supports with Voice Output for the “Win”! – Incredible 5 Point Scale and the GoTalk Now app

Visual supports with voice output for the “win”! I attended a presentation by Kari Dunn Buron, coauthor of The Incredible 5 Point Scale, at the Oklahoma Autism Conference offered by the Oklahoma Autism Network in 2017 and was inspired to make this for a patient who had been having a particularly difficult time and exhibiting a significant increase in aggressive behaviors. I watched for very subtle signs of increased agitation and modeled use of this to both talk about emotional states and offered choices to help calm before he got beyond a “Level 3”. He showed understanding of it the very first day and smiled when I acknowledged that he was struggling. He chose “go for a walk outside” and “go back to the house and rest”. The next day he spontaneously tapped “go for a walk outside” before he got beyond a “Level 2” and a huge smile washed over his face as we exited the sensory overload inside the building into the brisk air and total peace outside. I was often totally overstimulated by all the “Christmassy” stuff at our facility too so we ended up taking lots of walks outside 😉.

A video showing several boards including this one:

Thanks again Attainment Company, Inc. for making such a versatile app and giving me access to the most full featured version as well as several extras within it to help the patients at the nonprofit facility where I worked for the last half of my career. I was able to show this to his mother and she was very impressed with how easy this app is to program and to use for AAC and visual supports.

This app is definitely in the top 5 most used apps on my iPad. I saved this to the Online Gallery. Those who have either the GoTalk Now or GoTalk Now Plus versions of the app should be able to find everything that I have uploaded to the public Online Gallery by searching by my last name (Moorad) or a word in the title. See page 23 in the in-app Users Guide for info on how to find it.

There are several versions of the app with varying levels of features:

GoTalk NOW PLUS by Attainment Company, (most full featured, includes SymbolStix, offers PCS symbols (High Contrast, original and thinline) as in-app purchases, etc…)

GoTalk Now by Attainment Company,

GoTalk NOW LITE by Attainment Company, (FREE lite version, limited to 1 book with up to 5 pages, cannot backup, share or access the Online Gallery)

See this post about the current sale on their apps from 10/16 – 10/31/20:

(Note: Most of the content in this post originally appeared on my Facebook page on 12/12/17.

I updated some info from that to create this blog post.


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Rare sale on GoTalk Now & GoTalk Now Plus AAC apps

Wow! AAC news flash….. Attainment Company, Inc. announced a GoTalk AAC app sale (10/16 – 10/31/20) 👏🏼 I just checked pricing history on the AppSliced website and this is the lowest price on GoTalk NOW since 2012 and the lowest price ever on GoTalk NOW PLUS. ✅ So if either of these have been on your wish list NOW is the time to get them. ✅ (Tip: It’s wise to get apps at least a day before a sale ends to insure you don’t miss it)

GoTalk NOW by Attainment Company,, iPad only, iOS 9.0 or later. They recently added Core Vocabulary Communication Pages and GoTalk NOW Curriculum Pages to the app. The Core Vocabulary pages are easy to find in Downloads – Core Words – options for 4, 9, 16, 25 and 36 locations. The Curriculum Pages are trickier to find. Those are free downloads from their Online Gallery (see page 23 in the in-app guide for details on how to find that). More info about the features: Usually $99.99 -> on sale for $49.99

GoTalk NOW PLUS by Attainment Company,, iPad only, iOS 9.0 or later. This is the version that I have. This version has everything in GoTalk Now and adds a SymbolStix symbol library, a premade Ready-Set-Communicate book, and Acapela text-to-speech English voices. Usually $169.99 -> on sale for $119.99

Here are posts that I have done showing examples of how you can use this app:

***** Those who have either of these versions of the app can find everything that I have uploaded to the public Online Gallery by searching by my last name (Moorad). See page 23 in the in-app guide for details on how to find that *****

The GoVisual Scene Maker app is also on sale in case you missed it being on sale back in May. GoVisual Scene Maker by Attainment Company,, iOS Universal, iOS 13.0 or later. More info:

I posted screenshots showing original and sale prices in the USA App Store in the comments on this post on Facebook: Prices outside the USA vary based on the exchange rate.

Here’s the link to the Facebook post on their page announcing the sale. Feel free to head there with any questions:


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FREE Names of Animal Sounds app – great for 2-word phrases, vocabulary and kids who have a high interest in animals

Found another FREE hidden gem in the App Store! Names of Animal Sounds by Pioneer Logics, (2 word phrase (animal name + verb of the sound they make, ex: Lion roars) while showing short video of it, 61 animals organized alphabetically and can swipe to choose specific one).

List of what’s included… a few of the names of the sounds seem a little off but when I researched names of animal sounds some had several listed or varied between sources:

  1. Antelope snotes (snorts?)
  2. Bear growls
  3. Bison grunts
  4. Cat meows
  5. Cheetah chirrups
  6. Cockatoo squawks
  7. Cow moos
  8. Crocodile bleats (bellows?)
  9. Crow caws
  10. Cuckoo clocks (coos or cuckoos?)
  11. Deer bleats
  12. Dog barks
  13. Dolphin clicks
  14. Donkey brays
  15. Duck quacks
  16. Eagle screeches
  17. Elephant trumpets
  18. Flamingo squawks
  19. Frog croaks
  20. Giraffe bleats
  21. Goat bleats
  22. Gorilla growls
  23. Hen clucks
  24. Hippo growls
  25. Horse neighs
  26. Hyena laughs
  27. Ibis chirrups
  28. Kangaroo grunts (chortles?)
  29. Koala wails
  30. Koel clocks (?)
  31. Lemur gibbers (?)
  32. Leopard snarls
  33. Lion roars
  34. Mockingbird chirrups
  35. Monkey gibbers
  36. Moose bellows
  37. Mouse squeaks
  38. Owl hoots
  39. Panda bleats
  40. Parrot squawks
  41. Peacock screams
  42. Pelican chirrups
  43. Penguin honks
  44. Pig grunts
  45. Pigeon coos
  46. Polar bear growls
  47. Raven croaks
  48. Robin chirrups
  49. Rooster crows
  50. Seagull squawks
  51. Seal barks
  52. Snake hisses
  53. Sparrow twitters
  54. Swan cries
  55. Tiger growls
  56. Toucan squawks
  57. Turtle grunts
  58. Wolf howls
  59. Woodpecker chirps
  60. Yak grunts
  61. Zebra clicks (neigh or whinny?)

I had a couple of patients with Autism who had a high interest in animals that would have LOVED this app!

In particular I remember one who had a very driven passion for animals so we got to see a peek into his amazing skills when we tapped into that high interest. I used the I Read – Animals (Reading Comprehension for Kids) app by Nerea Sanchez Dominguez ( & the First Nouns app by KIS Publishing LLC (, before it switched to only being accessible to their online school) and was blown away by his ability to type and spell animal names. Ended up taking video to prove it to the rest of the team and immediately went through the process to get him an iPad with a robust AAC app. Speak For Yourself ended up being a great match for him since it has only 1-2 hits to get to any word and uses the native iOS keyboard. I think about him often and wonder how he’s doing 😊

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Zwuggels – Beach Holidays and Treasure Hunt app – fun and affordable for targeting multiple goals (iOS and Android)

The Zwuggels – Beach Holidays and Treasure Hunt app by Ploosh GmbH is so much fun! Priced affordably (you’d spend that much on an item from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground) and full of lots of opportunities for targeting multiple goals (following directions, spatial concepts, problem solving, emotions, predicting, action words, describing, storytelling, Core Vocabulary, etc….)

iOS:, iOS Universal, iOS 8.0 or later, $2.99

Android:, $2.99

Amazon:, $2.99

Gameplay video:


Core Vocabulary in each section:

  1. Elfina rock climbing: up, help, eat, drink (moving through rock climbing maze)
  2. Feed Ubo: get up, eat, sleep
  3. Olfred’s book, hats & car, plane, train: Like, put on, go
  4. Zilda’s chemistry lab: Put in, turn on
  5. Professor Zigmund’s mixed up plugs: There, here, put in, turn on
  6. Captain Zach: put on
    7-8. Pirate Cat Leonardo’s ship / Elfina’s dream: go, up (wake up), make, give
  7. Olfred & Elina packing: yes, no, in
  8. Load the luggage: put, there, help, turn, up, down, in, no
  9. Captain Zach waking up: get up, move, put on
  10. Captain Zach making sandwiches: make, put on, more, in, like (following directions for what each crew members likes on their sandwich)
  11. Brew breakfast tea: help, put on, there, wait, in, more, give (tea cup matches color of their outfit)
  12. Boarding the ship & find sunglasses: come, find, help, put on & Sailing breeze: wait, open, off, go
  13. Spyglass: look, sleep, up, give, look, close
  14. Storm cloud: help, move, up, down, out (through cloud maze)
  15. Hammer mooring ropes: there, help, in
  16. Swimming trunks: off, on, more (changing into swimsuit & putting on sunscreen, could also target body parts)
  17. Beach ball: help, more, big, my turn, your turn
  18. Beach umbrella & beach chairs: put, there, my, your, eat, no
  19. Sand pail: make, in, more, get, put, there, out, again, down, on
  20. Message in bottle: oh no!, wash away, sad, look, get, open, out, help
  21. Nico the Cat (fix rowboat): look, help, scared, give
  22. Scrape barnacles: off, more, here, there, in
  23. Paint boat: this, more, there, done
  24. Oars: get in, give, put on, off, go, Bye, look (passing several interactive items as they row), drink, tired
  25. Shark fin: help, scared, Hi, find
  26. Fishing pole: on, in, get, out, more, fast
  27. Dolphin: eat, his, her, turn, more, there, go
  28. Pirate hat: go, up, down, there (going through water in archipelago island maze)
  29. Leonardo the Pirate Cat: help, open, me, look, stop, no
  30. Bucket and shovel: help, look, there, here, not, again, open, find, look
  31. Sea Turtle: sad, look, find, sleep, up, there (to tell where to tickle Donatella the turtle)
  32. Goggles & snorkel: down, put on (flippers, goggles, snorkel), wait, in, open, look, there, find, not
  33. Keys: this, yes, no/not, again, more, open, out
  34. Campfire: worried, here, put in, more, there,

Each section has a check mark when you are “finished”/”done”. Initially the areas are locked but then you can go back and play one “again” or proceed forward in the story to explore “more”

Core Vocabulary list (alphabetical):

  1. again
  2. away
  3. big
  4. Bye
  5. down
  6. drink
  7. close
  8. come
  9. done/finished
  10. down
  11. drink
  12. eat
  13. fast
  14. find
  15. get
  16. give
  17. go
  18. help
  19. her
  20. here
  21. Hi
  22. his
  23. in
  24. like
  25. look
  26. make
  27. more
  28. move
  29. my
  30. no
  31. not
  32. off
  33. on
  34. open
  35. out
  36. put
  37. up
  38. sleep
  39. stop
  40. there
  41. this
  42. turn
  43. wait
  44. yes
  45. your


  • happy
  • sad
  • tired
  • excited
  • worried
  • scared

I purchased this app myself and love it so much I left a review on the App Store, am posting this here on my blog and will be sharing on social media. Part of a conscious effort to help support kids app developers 😊

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