FREE Names of Animal Sounds app – great for 2-word phrases, vocabulary and kids who have a high interest in animals

Found another FREE hidden gem in the App Store! Names of Animal Sounds by Pioneer Logics, (2 word phrase (animal name + verb of the sound they make, ex: Lion roars) while showing short video of it, 61 animals organized alphabetically and can swipe to choose specific one).

List of what’s included… a few of the names of the sounds seem a little off but when I researched names of animal sounds some had several listed or varied between sources:

  1. Antelope snotes (snorts?)
  2. Bear growls
  3. Bison grunts
  4. Cat meows
  5. Cheetah chirrups
  6. Cockatoo squawks
  7. Cow moos
  8. Crocodile bleats (bellows?)
  9. Crow caws
  10. Cuckoo clocks (coos or cuckoos?)
  11. Deer bleats
  12. Dog barks
  13. Dolphin clicks
  14. Donkey brays
  15. Duck quacks
  16. Eagle screeches
  17. Elephant trumpets
  18. Flamingo squawks
  19. Frog croaks
  20. Giraffe bleats
  21. Goat bleats
  22. Gorilla growls
  23. Hen clucks
  24. Hippo growls
  25. Horse neighs
  26. Hyena laughs
  27. Ibis chirrups
  28. Kangaroo grunts (chortles?)
  29. Koala wails
  30. Koel clocks (?)
  31. Lemur gibbers (?)
  32. Leopard snarls
  33. Lion roars
  34. Mockingbird chirrups
  35. Monkey gibbers
  36. Moose bellows
  37. Mouse squeaks
  38. Owl hoots
  39. Panda bleats
  40. Parrot squawks
  41. Peacock screams
  42. Pelican chirrups
  43. Penguin honks
  44. Pig grunts
  45. Pigeon coos
  46. Polar bear growls
  47. Raven croaks
  48. Robin chirrups
  49. Rooster crows
  50. Seagull squawks
  51. Seal barks
  52. Snake hisses
  53. Sparrow twitters
  54. Swan cries
  55. Tiger growls
  56. Toucan squawks
  57. Turtle grunts
  58. Wolf howls
  59. Woodpecker chirps
  60. Yak grunts
  61. Zebra clicks (neigh or whinny?)

I had a couple of patients with Autism who had a high interest in animals that would have LOVED this app!

In particular I remember one who had a very driven passion for animals so we got to see a peek into his amazing skills when we tapped into that high interest. I used the I Read – Animals (Reading Comprehension for Kids) app by Nerea Sanchez Dominguez ( & the First Nouns app by KIS Publishing LLC (, before it switched to only being accessible to their online school) and was blown away by his ability to type and spell animal names. Ended up taking video to prove it to the rest of the team and immediately went through the process to get him an iPad with a robust AAC app. Speak For Yourself ended up being a great match for him since it has only 1-2 hits to get to any word and uses the native iOS keyboard. I think about him often and wonder how he’s doing 😊

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC
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