Android AAC apps

Android AAC apps

There are far fewer AAC app options on the Android platforms compared to what is available for the iPad and iPhone.

Why? The problem with the Android platform is there are hundreds of variations among devices which makes it difficult to insure any app will run as expected. Even the app developers who offer options across platforms advise that the iPad is the most reliable choice and have info about the minimum and recommended specs for Android devices on their website.

Good Android Tablets are Not Cheap: I have considered getting an Android tablet but every time I researched what specs would be needed to reliably support AAC and therapeutic apps the cost was not much less than a basic model of iPad. So I don’t have one and therefore I can’t answer any detailed questions about how to program apps or troubleshooting on that platform. But I can share what I know based on the research that I’ve done.

Please steer clear of the cheapest Android tablets or the cheapest models of an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. The saying “You get what you pay for” comes to mind. Based on what I’ve read from app developers, some of those cheapest devices don’t have good voices for speech output and the processor may not support reliable use of AAC apps (may have significant lag or crash).

Android AAC Options:

That being said…. I know the reality is I get asked very frequently about Android AAC app options. I’ve shared them in a few different posts but decided to do this round-up post to make the info easier to share. AAC apps in this post fall into two categories: Symbol-Based & Text-Based.



Symbol-Based Android AAC:

Robust Options: Coughdrop & Avaz are the two most robust AAC options available for Android. I have the iOS version of both of these apps and they are both awesome! But how well they will work on Android depends greatly on the model and type of device being used. Both offer a free trial and then a subscription. So you have an easy way to try them out before purchasing or recommending.

Android app: CoughDrop AAC,

Amazon Kindle Fire app: CoughDrop AAC,

Windows: You can install CoughDrop as a Windows desktop app on your computer or Windows device. CoughDrop on Windows has some eye-tracking integrations that will help it work better with more devices. Please make sure to download the right version for your operating system.

Web Browser: CoughDrop is a web-first application, and should work with many modern web browsers.

English Android app: (they have other languages available in separate apps. Vietnamese: Several languages in India: Bengali:

* Talk Tablet: It isn’t as robust as Coughdrop or Avaz and I haven’t found it as intuitive to program or use. But sharing it as a less expensive option: (also a Vietnamese version: They also offer a Windows app: More info:

Free and Affordable Options: I included Android versions on this post. Scroll down to that section:



Text-Based Android AAC:

Robust Options:

Predictable is a robust option for TTS AAC. I have the iOS version and it is awesome! The reviews for the Android version are mixed so I suggest contacting your state’s AT lending program to see if they have it available for short term loan or for SLPs to ask the app developer for a free copy to be able to try it out with the patient before recommending it since it’s more expensive. My guess is the mixed reviews on the Google Play App Store are likely due to folks trying to use the app on a device that is too cheap or old to support reliable use.

English Android app: (they have other languages available in separate apps)

Free and Affordable Options: I included Android ones on this post:

In some instances an Android tablet may be the only option for voice output in a particular language. An example of this is Vietnamese. Which explains why the Vietnamese version of Avaz ( & the Vietnamese version of Talk Tablet ( are only offered on that platform. CoughDrop can be translated into that language but only has access to a Vietnamese voice on the Android platform.


How to find the AT Lending Library in your state: Some have Android tablets with AAC apps on them available for short term loan to help with the eval process. But you’ll need to check to see if yours is open and still loaning equipment out during the pandemic.

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Looking for info about iOS AAC apps?

Feature Matching Chart for the Top 11 iOS Symbol-Based AAC Apps:

How to Get Access to the Top 11 iOS Symbol-Based AAC Apps:

Looking for therapeutic Android apps? I included a few in this post: “The iPad & the SLP in 2020 and Beyond: Interactive PDF Resource List of iOS apps, Boom Cards, Teachers Pay Teachers materials, Teletherapy Resources and Online Resources – organized by goal areas, themes and topics”:

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