How to Find Info About AAC & AT Companies (and local vendor reps)

The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) has a nice directory of AAC & AT Companies. It’s quite helpful when you are searching for info but may not know the name of a particular company: I browse through there frequently to see what’s new.

It’s important to connect with the local vendor reps / consultants for your area. They can provide free training, help you access devices for short term loan, help connect you with their funding department for questions about how to navigate through that process, etc.

Once you navigate to a particular company’s website it can take a little digging to find your local vendor rep / local consultant. So here are links to where you can find that info for companies selling AAC speech generating devices:

There will be separate post with contact info for AAC app developers & a separate post with info about AT Lending Programs in the USA. Your state’s AT Lending Program can be a good option for borrowing equipment for short term loan (especially when you need to try items from a company that doesn’t have a loaner program or what you need isn’t currently available)

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