More clarification about my OMazing Kids AAC Ko-fi subscription page

Hitting “Follow” or “Support – One Time” doesn’t result in an ongoing monthly subscription.

If you had already done a 1x donation and intended to subscribe, please send me a message so I can share the links to the subscriber-only content posted on 2/9 & 2/12/21. The rest of the posts done through 2/12/21 have been viewable to anyone who supported (1x & ongoing monthly).

If you are interested in a monthly subscription, here are the steps:

  • Create your free Ko-fi account (you need an account so Ko-fi will know to unlock subscriber content when you visit my page)
  • Go to my Ko-fi page:
  • Tap “Support”
  • Tap “Monthly” (amount is automatically set at $4)
  • Tap “Donate” (even though Ko-fi has the subscription option I can’t edit the button that says “donate” to say “subscribe”)
  • That will set you up to auto-pay $4 per month via PayPal. I’ve personally used PayPal for several years so I trust it. At this point in time PayPal is the only means of payment. There is potentially an option for me to add Stripe as a payment option for credit cards but the process is complicated and the fees are higher. So I don’t plan on doing that unless there is a huge need for it.
  • You should receive an e-mail from PayPal that can serve as a receipt or log onto your PayPal account and print what you need from there.
  • You will receive an email from Ko-fi when I post new content. When you are on the site you’ll also see a Ko-fi notification (🔔). I will also be posting announcements about new content on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and my blog (which also has a way to subscribe to e-mail notifications)

Feel free to send me private message on my OMazing Kids AAC Facebook page if you have any questions.

More info on why I chose to try out Ko-fi:

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