Top 10 iOS Symbol-Based AAC App Feature Matching Chart – compiled by Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, OMazing Kids AAC Consulting

Top 10 iOS Symbol-Based AAC App Feature Matching Chart

This chart includes an in-depth comparison of features & supports across ten iOS symbol-based AAC apps:

  • Avaz AAC – Lifetime Edition
  • Clicker Communicator: AAC
  • CoughDrop
  • GoTalk Now / GoTalk Now Plus
  • Grid for iPad VPP
  • LAMP Words for Life
  • Proloquo2Go
  • Snap Core First
  • Speak for Yourself
  • TouchChat HD with WordPower

See an overview in this video where I’m viewing the PDF on my iPad in the Books app & the free Xodo PDF viewer app. You’ll get a feel for how much info will be at your fingertips in this chart. There are over 100 rows in the Numbers spreadsheet that was used to create the PDF. But it’s super easy to use the “search” option to find what you want quickly.


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This concept was inspired by how I passed along nuggets of AAC knowledge to one of the SLP CFs during my final year at the facility where I worked before retiring from clinical practice. Just a little at a time in between seeing patients and other stuff. She gave feedback about how helpful that was. I’m hoping it will make robust AAC less overwhelming to more SLPs.

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  • This app comparison chart is intended to be a tool to help SLPs and others make informed decisions when choosing iOS symbol-based AAC apps for consideration during the process of an AAC eval, feature matching and trial of options.


  • There are many reasons why one would consider a traditional SGD vs. an iPad or any other tablet with an app: durability, warranty, tech support, built-in switch ports for scanning, eye gaze access, etc… But there are many folks who may not have a funding source for a traditional SGD. And there are things about having AAC on an iPad or iPhone that make it a great option for particular users.


  • It is important to try out any app with the potential user before making a purchasing recommendation or decision. This is also important when using any extra hardware (keyguards, switches, switch interfaces, carrying straps, stands, mounts, etc…) to support AAC use.


  • The information in this chart was compiled based on my extensive use of each app, in-depth trials of each app using the most current version on devices running the most current iOS, reading through app user guides, watching recent recorded webinars, consulting with app developers and providing them with the opportunity to review the content before this tool was published.


  • This is an unbiased view at the features across apps. I do not have a financial affiliation with any company.


  • Inclusion in the “Top 10” was based on features, long term availability in the App Store, good history of being updated, having patients who benefited from using the app, gathering data from app recommendations from SLPs who have expertise in AAC, etc.


  • The list was purposefully limited to the top 10 in order to keep it manageable for updates as apps continue to add features in the future.


  • I plan on maintaining and updating this chart for the foreseeable future to help meet the need for current and comprehensive info to be used in feature matching.


  • Inclusion of particular apps is subject to change based on features and an ongoing track record of support and updates.


  • The purpose of this chart isn’t to name a “best” app since the “best” AAC for that individual is the combination of options (variety of apps, SGDs, no-tech, etc.) that meets their needs at that moment in time.


  • This chart is not intended to imply that any app not on this list is not well designed or serve a very important function. I have other posts highlighting those “specialty” apps. Think of apps in this chart as main tools in an AAC toolbox. Like the difference between a hammer and an Alan Wrench. It’s important to consider what “tools” are needed for specific situations.


  • I would not expect any app to have every feature in this chart nor would every feature be applicable to every potential AAC user.


  • The PDF is intended to interactive so you can zoom in to see content and tap on links. It contains lots of links and those may not work if trying to use it in Safari or another browser. It’s best viewed in the Books app on an iPad or a PDF viewer. One good free option is PDF Reader & Annotator app by Xodo Technologies Inc. that can be used on any platform ( If viewing in Xodo on a laptop, it may work best in older viewer:


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  • Please do not share the direct link to this PDF. In order to keep this project sustainable it is important that each person using the chart have a paid recurring subscription to my Ko-fi page. Plus the link change I do updates, delete the old file and upload a new one. I will announce when updates have been made and will date each version. It’s important to only use the most current version of this chart.


  • I assume no liability for app purchases and am not making patient-specific recommendations.

This document was the sole idea and creation of Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, OMazing Kids AAC Consulting, OMazing Kids, LLC, all rights reserved. © 2021 and beyond.

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