AAC Apps and Features At-a-Glance (Single Page Handouts)

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This 90 page PDF resource was inspired by the numerous requests that I’ve received for simple “at a glance” info about features in AAC apps and single page handouts that could be used with parents, caregivers and anyone involved in the AAC decision making process.

Table of Contents:

A Preview Sample PDF is available for this resource on TPT. It includes the Table of Contents and a few sample pages.

This resource includes:

• A hyperlinked Table of Contents to jump straight to a page. Tap in the top left corner to jump back to the Table of Contents (when being used digitally)

• 11 Features At-a-Glance Handouts

• 36 AAC App Summary At-a-Glance Handouts (see Table of Contents for a list)

• 12 Gestalt Language Processing & AAC Handouts

• 4 Just-a-List Lists of Free AAC apps Handouts

• 2 unlisted videos (5 min demo of how to view 2 pages side-by-side using Split View & a 20 min Resource Overview)

• Links to additional resources

• How to contact me with questions (includes my email address exclusive to TPT)

These will be helpful on either side of an AAC evaluation that involves feature matching and trials of a few options:

Beforehand to help simplify the process of knowing which apps and/or features you might want to consider during an AAC eval

Afterwards to place at-a-glance sheets side by side as a reminder of apps that were included in the trials and help simplify the process of deciding which ones warrant a longer term trial or which one might be selected for submission in a funding request.

• These can also be helpful during the feature matching process to help provide simple explanations about some of the features and why they might be important.

It would be impossible to include all of the features in a particular AAC app on a single page handout. These are just “highlights”. These handouts should be used alongside (not instead of) in-depth up to date feature matching resources.

This resource is optimized for both printed and digital use:


• Print a single page first to see if you need to choose “shrink to fit” on your printer. Print pages and place them side-by-side to compare features or apps.

• In order to keep the aesthetic of single page handouts the pages are not numbered. If you want to add page numbers, either write them or use a PDF editing app to add them.


• The Table of Contents has hyperlinks to tap a page number to jump straight to that page. Tap the top left corner on any page to return to the Table of Contents.

• There a few other underlined hyperlinks in this resource to take you straight to additional information. I purposefully did not include App Store links since those can vary by country and aren’t always redirected.

• There are several options to view two pages side-by-side to compare features or apps:

• Use two iPads or tablets or open on two windows on a laptop.

• On iPadOS 13.0 or later, save the PDF in two different PDF viewer apps and use Split View to view them. The demo video included in the resource shows how.

• The PDF Expert and GoodNotes 5 apps offer a way to view two documents side-by-side within that one app

Looking for in-depth info about features AAC apps? Check out these resources:

• iOS Symbol-Based: https://bit.ly/SymbolBasedAACapps

• iOS Text-Based: https://bit.ly/TextBasedAACapps

• Visual Scenes & Video Visual Scenes: https://bit.ly/AACvsd

• AAC Feature Matching Resource Bundle (includes all three, save 10%): https://bit.ly/aacFeatureMatchingBundle. If you are looking to purchase resources for several staff / team members, take a look at the Multiple Licenses discount (saves 20%)

• Robust Android AAC Apps (Google Play & Amazon Fire): https://bit.ly/RobustAndroidAACappChart

• Affordable and Free AAC apps & AAC-Related Apps (iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Windows & a few web-based options): https://bit.ly/BasicAffordableAACchart

Have questions? The best way to reach me with any questions is via messaging on the OMazing Kids Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OMazingKidsAAC/. That way AAC related messages don’t get lost among the spam in my e-mail.

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