“OMazing Kids StoryStretchers: Creating a Yoga Storytime for Kids” at the Oklahoma Childcare Association Spring Conference

I had an OMazing time sharing info about combining yoga & storytime with a great group of 35 childcare providers at the annual Oklahoma Childcare Association Spring Conference today!

Here is a copy of my PowerPoint slides (30 page PDF). You will be able to click on the web links on each slide to go directly to each resource 🙂

OMazing Kids StoryStretchers – presentation for Oklahoma Childcare Conference April 2012 (PDF)

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A huge “Thanks!” to the 11 companies that donated a total of over $800 worth of kids yoga products…… it was great to have enough stuff for every participant to get something to support them using yoga with the kids in their childcare settings!

And thanks to Budget Floor Store (http://www.floorstoresok.com/) in Oklahoma City for the carpet squares they donated last year! I have used them several times & they came in handy today for the participants to get some practice doing kids yoga poses.

Thanks to Greg Gaston, Director of Marketing at JDMC, who spent his Saturday at the JD McCarty Center booth at the conference. I was SO excited that our booth was in a prime location….. at the main entrance right across from the keynote speaker’s booth 🙂  Yippee for the opportunity to spread the word about the great services we offer at JDMC!

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2

Speech-Language Pathologist at the JD McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities in Norman, Oklahoma (www.jdmc.org)

Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC – inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities

Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2

Work E-Mail: amoorad@jdmc.org  (* please always Cc my home e-mail to make sure I get the message)

Home E-Mail: amoorad1@juno.com

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And the winner is…… Addriya for “Yoga for Small Places”, “Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids” & “Learn with Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids Instructor Guide” – product review

I recently had the opportunity to review three great products from Addriya (www.addriya.com). All three are OMazing in their own way! Can’t wait to see what    great new products they develop next. Here is a little info about the products and what I liked about each of them:


Yoga for Small Spaces cards by Christine Ristuccia, RYT  & Lynn Geddes, RYT – set of 52 cards with positioning cues, benefits, modifications & affirmations. These are perfect to show how yoga can be done “off the mat”. The inclusion of several warm-ups & affirmations were great. I loved it so much that I gave it away as the door prize at my presentation at the Oklahoma Childcare Association Conference (and then ordered one for myself off Amazon.com 🙂 !)






Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids cards by Christine Ristuccia, SLP & RYT – set of 26 ABC yoga cards  with verbal cues & benefits (1 pose for each letter) & 26 Instructor Cards with ideas for language development & reading readiness activities for each pose. As a speech-language pathologist, I love how many ideas there are for working on speech, language & reading readiness all in the context of whole-body movement. I work with lots of kids with ADHD & Autism that learn best while moving so these are perfect! The kids also love picking out pose cards to spell their name :).






Learn with Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids Instructor Guide by Christine Ristuccia, MS, CCC-SLP, RYT. Designed to be used with the yoga cards described above but is also a great stand-alone product as it contains good info about yoga benefits, tips for educators, yoga instructors & parents, forming yoga groups, incorporating motor, basic concept, language and reading/literacy goals, and ideas for quick yoga breaks, etc.

Handouts & Powerpoint Show from my presentation on “Yoga for Radiant Kids” at the Oklahoma Childcare Association Conference

I had an OMazing time sharing my love for kids yoga with a great group of childcare providers at the annual Oklahoma Childcare Association Conference today. It was one of the most highly requested sessions with about 55 people in attendance.

Shared lots of great ideas. Also a few fun Youtube clips from from Barbara Gini from BodyLogique /S.M.Art Kids Yoga, Donna Freeman from Yoga In My School, Lani Rosen-Gallagher from Full of Joy Yoga and The Sun Dance Kids Yoga/Music Video by Bari Koral Family Rock Band. It was like having you guys there with us 🙂

Here are copies of the Powerpoint show & handouts:

Yoga for Radiant Kids – presentation for Oklahoma Childcare Conference (with video clips) Netbook (PDF) – PPT – Powerpoint Show (in PDF)

Yoga for Radiant Kids – presentation for Oklahoma Childcare Conference (with video clips) Netbook (PDF) – handouts – Handouts (in PDF)