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Tips on where to find info now that I’m retiring


Yup…. I’m really retiring in 1 week. I’ve been doing this for 28 years and am very excited to “despeechify” my life and start a whole new adventure. Info about my retirement sale can be found on this post:
I have received numerous messages asking “What will happen to your blog?” & “Where can we find info about apps that are free or on sale for a great deal?”. So I wrote this post to pass along info.
What will happen to my blog and social media sites:

I am planning on leaving my blog and social media sites up for 12 months after I retire to allow folks plenty of time to save any free printables, workshop presentation handouts, the big post listing apps for SLPs by goal areas, the big blog post with tips about how SLPs can get FREE access to AAC apps, AAC app user groups, funding options & more, AAC core vocabulary ideas, kids yoga lesson plans and other info that I have shared over the years. I’ll decide later what to do with my blog and social media sites beyond that.

I am not accepting any requests to do any new reviews for products, books or apps. I have a couple of reviews that are currently in process but those will be the last ones that I do.


I will be doing very few new blog posts or updates to previous posts since I will be focused on selling off my stash of materials and getting our house sold so my husband and I can move to the mountains in Colorado and do some traveling.
If you run into dead links on old blog posts please keep in mind that all links were active at the time that blog post was done. Please use Google to look for whatever that resource might have been.
If you are looking for something on my blog, please use the “search” feature.
How to find info about app deals:
If you still have an iPad running something prior to iOS 11, then these are the two ways that I use to find apps that are either free or on sale for a great deal that day:

* AppZapp HD Pro – daily new Apps, best hot deals & free Apps by ConIT AG, (free app, iPad only, will not work with iOS 11)
* The AppShopper website:

I’ve also gotten a couple of good apps for free by checking this app: Apps Gone Free & Daily Tips by,

Unfortunately most of the large app review sites have either disappeared, post very infrequently or have moved on to focusing on reviews for products. To be honest by the time some sites post about an app being free I have already found it myself using the methods listed above.


AAC App Sales:

Be sure to follow Lauren Enders’ Facebook page for the most reliable info about upcoming AAC app sales:

Questions about specific AAC apps, recommendations for type of iPad, types of cases, other apps, etc.:

* Join the Facebook users group specific to that app. Folks are quick to provide support and most groups have an Admin (or several Admins) that works for that company. See links on this post:

* If you are a SLP, join the AAC for the SLP Facebook group:

* Looking for iPad case options? Check out Lauren Enders Pinterest boards. She has a separate board for every model of iPad:

The AAC for the SLP is also a helpful group to brainstorm case options.

* Looking for non-AAC apps with certain features or to target specific goals? Since I will no longer be doing therapy I won’t be keeping up on these details. Unfortunately I don’t have a specific place to refer you to for this.
I rarely check the e-mail that I have associated with this blog since it is flooded with spam mail and after retirement will only occasionally respond to questions on Facebook unless they are specifically related to my retirement sale. It is hard for me to walk away from something that I spent so much time on but need to do so to focus on the future.
Thanks to everyone who has left kind comments or messages. I’m glad that you have found my posts helpful over the years 😃.

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC