Making Informed AAC Purchasing Decisions

Making Informed AAC Purchasing Decisions

Thinking about getting an AAC app? Many AAC apps typically go on sale for a few days in April (or May) and October. You can see the pricing history for any app on the AppSliced website ( and watch Lauren Enders’ page for her round up posts of AAC app sale dates/details (


Looking for a way to try out AAC apps before making a purchasing decision? If you are in the USA, all states are supposed to have an Assistive Technology Lending Library program where you can borrow AAC devices, iPads with AAC apps & other AT for short-term trial. It’s a great way to try various options out before making purchasing decisions. How to find the AT Lending Library in your state:


If you are a Speech-Language Pathologist, then see this post for tips on how you can get access to AAC apps:


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