The iPad & the SLP in 2020 and Beyond: Interactive PDF Resource List of iOS apps, Boom Cards, Teachers Pay Teachers materials, Teletherapy Resources and Online Resources – organized by goal areas, themes and topics (updated 1-14-21)


The iPad and the SLP in 2020 and Beyond - a new free interactive resource from OMazing Kids

Happy Cyber Monday! We are all using technology now more than ever in 2020. There has been a significant increase in Speech Language Pathologists and parents asking for app recommendations in the midst of this pandemic since so many are doing distance learning and teletherapy.


So I spent the past 8 months creating this FREE resource to help fellow SLPs and parents. 

A big shift has taken place in the iOS App Store kids and therapeutic app market since I posted my original big app list on 12/31/16 ( Many of those apps are no longer available for purchase and some have totally disappeared. I chose to leave that post up as a time capsule of the apps that existed then plus it’s helpful to have the names for older apps when you want to find an app in your “Purchased” area in the App Store. 

This is a fresh resource list with items that were all verified as being available and links verified as working at the time they were added over the past 8 months.


An iPad is only as good as the apps that you load on it. Think of the iPad as being the toolbox & the apps within it as tools. Many high quality apps specifically designed by SLPs for SLPs allow you to do in-app data collection, look at data over time, e-mail reports, and swipe through stimulus cards rapidly which allows you to get in more reps. Plus many kids are highly motivated by anything presented on an iPad. Having most of the major robust AAC apps at my fingertips to try at any moment was life changing for many of my patients.

Don’t have an iPad? No worries…. there are tons of things besides apps included on this resource list: Boom Cards, Teachers Pay Teachers materials, online games, green screen resources, tips for screen mirroring, document cameras, etc… In the Articulation section I included info about Android versions of apps. If you are a pediatric SLP or a parent of a child with special needs, I promise you’ll find something on this list that you’ll love!  I provided services for kids, teens and young adults (birth – 21 years of age) for 28 years so I have a vast and varied collection of apps and other materials and resources targeting almost every goal and theme you can think of. 

This is a “vetted” list with a mix of paid and free items. With very rare exceptions, I only share info about apps and resources that I have actually downloaded and tried and only post about those that I see as being either helpful in therapy, classroom or to parents of kids with special needs. There are thousands of apps in the App Store and thousands of other resources so it can be difficult to find ones to best meet our needs as SLPs.

The interactive PDF is not intended to be printed due the number of pages (currently 253 pages), number of links and since it will be periodically updated. It will be most useful to save the PDF in the Books/iBooks app on your iPad and iPhone where you can tap on links to apps and resources and hyperlinks within the Table of Contents to jump to that section, zoom in and scroll. It should work in the same way on Google PDF Viewer for those wanting to view it on an Android tablet or phone. It can also be viewed and used in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF Reader software on a computer.

Other Important Info: None of the links in this document are “affiliate” links and nobody “paid” to have their apps, resources or products included. I am providing this as a FREE unbiased resource from OMazing Kids. That integrity is more important to me than any potential money I might have been able to make by selling this as a resource on Teachers Pay Teachers or on my blog. I may venture into creating Boom Cards and TPT materials in the future but at this point everything that I have created remains free on my blog.


Want to suggest an app or resource to be added to this list? The best way to reach me is via Facebook messaging over on my OMazing Kids page.

  • If it’s a free iOS app, please send the link from the USA App Store so I can try it out.
  • If it’s a paid iOS app and you are the app developer, please send the link from the USA App Store so I can look at the info before you send a promo code. I want to make sure that one of my iPads or iPhone is compatible in order to try it out.
  • If it’s another type of resource that’s free, please send the link so I can try it out.
  • If it’s another type of paid resource, please send the link so I can take a look at the info before sending me a free copy.

Found a broken link or an app or resources that is no longer available? I anticipate that there may be apps and resources that have disappeared over the 8 month timeframe that I worked on this document so please let me know if that happened or if you notice that any have disappeared in the future. The best way to reach me is via Facebook messaging over on my OMazing Kids page.


I plan on periodically updating the this list so it’s best to “bookmark” and share the link to this blog post since the link to the PDF will change when it’s updated. I will update the date on a revised PDF and will indicate the date it was updated in the blog post. You’ll then need to delete the old copy from the Books/iBooks app on your iPad and save the newest version.

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The linked Table of Contents is on Page 4. Tap on a link to jump directly to any of the 192 sections. The document is also searchable.

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I hope you find this resource helpful in your work as an SLP or as a parent of a child with special needs. Working on compiling it was a labor of love and was something positive for me to focus on in the midst of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic and other craziness of 2020. I’m SO incredibly grateful to be retired and have the time to help others through the sharing of resources, prayers, helping elderly relatives get groceries/supplies, etc… I have all my fellow SLPs in my prayers for God’s safety and provision. I also have all the families of kids with special needs in my prayers that God would give you the wisdom and peace needed to help you help your child/children during this incredibly stressful time 🙏🏼



Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC

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