CoughDrop AAC on Samsung Android Tablet: Creating a Bilingual Punjabi-English Setup

I made this video to share with someone in the AAC for the SLP Facebook group who was looking for an option for Punjabi & English bilingual AAC and decided to post it here too in case it would be helpful to anyone else. Note: I checked and Punjabi wasn’t listed as a language in any of the apps from Avaz:

It was possible to create this type of setup in the Android version of Coughdrop AAC on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4” tablet.

When I set Google as the preferred speech engine I was able to find several adult female and a couple of adult male synthesized Punjabi voices. At the time that I posted this I did not find any Punjabi synthesized voices available on the iPad.

CoughDrop uses Google Translate to create the Punjabi translation so it would be very important to have a native speaker of that language review the translation, content and symbols for accuracy & cultural relevance.

Instead of using the Coughdrop keyboard you’ll need to install the Samsung Punjabi-English system keyboard and then program the keyboard button on the home page to use that instead (:native-keyboard has to be in the Speak – Sound box & you toggle on using the native keyboard under preferences).

You’ll need to install these two languages in the Samsung settings (General Management – Language). You add the board for each language to the sidebar to create a way to toggle between them. It took some trial and error to figure it out but is doable.


How did I know that Punjabi was an option on Android? I took a really deep dive into exploring voices and languages available in iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Windows when I created the AAC Apps and Features At-a-Glance (Single Page Handouts): That 90 page PDF resource was inspired by the numerous requests that I’ve received for simple “at a glance” info about features in AAC apps and single page handouts that could be used with parents, caregivers and anyone involved in the AAC decision making process. More info:

Looking for in-depth AAC feature matching resources? See this blog post: That post also includes videos comparing AAC apps on various devices on various platforms.

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