Pepkoo iPad 8th gen case – features (also fits iPad 7th gen and 9th gen) plus cases for my Android tablet and Amazon Fire tablet – updated 7/19/22

I recently bought this Pepkoo case for my new iPad (8th gen) and here’s what I LOVE about it:

* Nice thick foam with a similar “feel” as my GripCase, deep recessed openings and comfortable shape on the back (easy to hold)

* Good quality plastic case edging around the front of the iPad that does NOT have a built in plastic screen protector. If needed, you could add a Zagg (or other high quality) tempered glass screen protector to your iPad before putting it in the case.

* Built-in stand that can rotate 360 degrees so it can accommodate AAC apps in Portrait and Landscape orientation. The stand lays flush when pushed in so the case doesn’t wobble when it’s used flat on the table / desk.

* Comes in four color combos:

– Green Blue (as seen in this video)

– Blue Mint

– Pink Purple

– Gray Black

* Affordable ($19.99 – $20.99 varies based on the color, prices may vary outside the USA and prices tend to vary over time on Amazon)

Update: I just checked again on Amazon and it now shows that this case also fits the iPad 9th gen model

PEPKOO Kids Case for iPad 9th 8th 7th Generation 10.2 inch 2021 2020 2019 – Lightweight Flexible Shockproof, Folding Handle Stand, Full Body Boy Girl Cover for Apple iPad 9th 8th 7th Gen, Green Blue

Here are some additional pictures…

When held in Landscape orientation, the thickest part of the border (plastic + foam) on each side is about 1.25” (closer to 1.5” at the corners)

When held in Landscape orientation, it’s about .5” border (plastic and foam)

The back of the case. The stand lays flush enough that it doesn’t wobble when the case is laid flat on the back on a table or desk.

The stand is easy to pop out and can be rotated 360 degrees. This is in Landscape orientation at one angle

This is also Landscape orientation at a different angle.

The stand can also lay flat and up to be used as a carrying handle.

It is also available for the iPad Mini 5:

Shout out to Christine Baudin (one of the admins in the AAC for the SLP Facebook group) for recommending this case 😊.

The only thing missing is a carrying strap but I’ve seen her share a hack about drilling holes in the top edge of thick foam cases to add a strap. Here’s the link to her YouTube channel:

Update 7/15/22: I just saw a new version of the Pepkoo case that includes a carrying strap: PEPKOO Triple Shockproof Case for iPad 9th/8th/7th Generation 10.2 inch 2021/2020/2019, Air 3rd Generation 10.5 inch, Heavy Duty Cover with Pencil Holder, Handle Kickstand, Shoulder Strap, Blue (comes in lots of different colors)

Update 7/15/22: I bought a Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet during the recent Prime Days Sale and was thrilled to discover that a Pepkoo case was available for it. It doesn’t have the plastic edging around the screen which might make it easier for those needing to attach a keyguard for AAC use. PEPKOO Kids Case for Fire HD 8/HD 8 Plus Tablet, 10th Generation 2020 Release,

Update 7/19/22: I finally found a good case with a rotating stand for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4” Android tablet. It’s very similar to the Pepkoo:

Update 8/9/22: Sadly that case is out of stock. I contacted the seller on eBay and they won’t be getting any more. It’s difficult to find cases with this type of rotating stand for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4” Android tablet. I found this one but haven’t seen it in person: &

Update 9/21/22: Here is the case that I purchased for my Android Samsung Galaxy A03s phone. I like the small rotating ring stand and sliding cover to protect the camera lenses:

Note: It’s important to consider what features are needed in a case based on that individual’s needs. I am not making recommendations for individual patients and am not liable for purchasing decisions. Just sharing info that may be helpful as you are looking for cases.

The best way to reach me with any questions is via messaging on the OMazing Kids Facebook page: That way AAC related messages don’t get lost among the spam in my e-mail

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