Rare sale on GoTalk Now & GoTalk Now Plus AAC apps

Wow! AAC news flash….. Attainment Company, Inc. announced a GoTalk AAC app sale (10/16 – 10/31/20) 👏🏼 I just checked pricing history on the AppSliced website and this is the lowest price on GoTalk NOW since 2012 and the lowest price ever on GoTalk NOW PLUS. ✅ So if either of these have been on your wish list NOW is the time to get them. ✅ (Tip: It’s wise to get apps at least a day before a sale ends to insure you don’t miss it)

GoTalk NOW by Attainment Company, https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gotalk-now/id454176457, iPad only, iOS 9.0 or later. They recently added Core Vocabulary Communication Pages and GoTalk NOW Curriculum Pages to the app. The Core Vocabulary pages are easy to find in Downloads – Core Words – options for 4, 9, 16, 25 and 36 locations. The Curriculum Pages are trickier to find. Those are free downloads from their Online Gallery (see page 23 in the in-app guide for details on how to find that). More info about the features: https://www.attainmentcompany.com/gotalk-now. Usually $99.99 -> on sale for $49.99

GoTalk NOW PLUS by Attainment Company, https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gotalk-now-plus/id742150885, iPad only, iOS 9.0 or later. This is the version that I have. This version has everything in GoTalk Now and adds a SymbolStix symbol library, a premade Ready-Set-Communicate book, and Acapela text-to-speech English voices. Usually $169.99 -> on sale for $119.99

Here are posts that I have done showing examples of how you can use this app:

***** Those who have either of these versions of the app can find everything that I have uploaded to the public Online Gallery by searching by my last name (Moorad). See page 23 in the in-app guide for details on how to find that *****

The GoVisual Scene Maker app is also on sale in case you missed it being on sale back in May. GoVisual Scene Maker by Attainment Company, https://apps.apple.com/us/app/govisual-scene-maker/id1324635847, iOS Universal, iOS 13.0 or later. More info: https://www.attainmentcompany.com/govisual

I posted screenshots showing original and sale prices in the USA App Store in the comments on this post on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OMazingKidsYoga/photos/a.191017694282577/3556073367776976/?type=3. Prices outside the USA vary based on the exchange rate.

Here’s the link to the Facebook post on their page announcing the sale. Feel free to head there with any questions: https://bit.ly/3lWgBDa


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