Zwuggels – Beach Holidays and Treasure Hunt app – fun and affordable for targeting multiple goals (iOS and Android)

The Zwuggels – Beach Holidays and Treasure Hunt app by Ploosh GmbH is so much fun! Priced affordably (you’d spend that much on an item from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground) and full of lots of opportunities for targeting multiple goals (following directions, spatial concepts, problem solving, emotions, predicting, action words, describing, storytelling, Core Vocabulary, etc….)

iOS:, iOS Universal, iOS 8.0 or later, $2.99

Android:, $2.99

Amazon:, $2.99

Gameplay video:


Core Vocabulary in each section:

  1. Elfina rock climbing: up, help, eat, drink (moving through rock climbing maze)
  2. Feed Ubo: get up, eat, sleep
  3. Olfred’s book, hats & car, plane, train: Like, put on, go
  4. Zilda’s chemistry lab: Put in, turn on
  5. Professor Zigmund’s mixed up plugs: There, here, put in, turn on
  6. Captain Zach: put on
    7-8. Pirate Cat Leonardo’s ship / Elfina’s dream: go, up (wake up), make, give
  7. Olfred & Elina packing: yes, no, in
  8. Load the luggage: put, there, help, turn, up, down, in, no
  9. Captain Zach waking up: get up, move, put on
  10. Captain Zach making sandwiches: make, put on, more, in, like (following directions for what each crew members likes on their sandwich)
  11. Brew breakfast tea: help, put on, there, wait, in, more, give (tea cup matches color of their outfit)
  12. Boarding the ship & find sunglasses: come, find, help, put on & Sailing breeze: wait, open, off, go
  13. Spyglass: look, sleep, up, give, look, close
  14. Storm cloud: help, move, up, down, out (through cloud maze)
  15. Hammer mooring ropes: there, help, in
  16. Swimming trunks: off, on, more (changing into swimsuit & putting on sunscreen, could also target body parts)
  17. Beach ball: help, more, big, my turn, your turn
  18. Beach umbrella & beach chairs: put, there, my, your, eat, no
  19. Sand pail: make, in, more, get, put, there, out, again, down, on
  20. Message in bottle: oh no!, wash away, sad, look, get, open, out, help
  21. Nico the Cat (fix rowboat): look, help, scared, give
  22. Scrape barnacles: off, more, here, there, in
  23. Paint boat: this, more, there, done
  24. Oars: get in, give, put on, off, go, Bye, look (passing several interactive items as they row), drink, tired
  25. Shark fin: help, scared, Hi, find
  26. Fishing pole: on, in, get, out, more, fast
  27. Dolphin: eat, his, her, turn, more, there, go
  28. Pirate hat: go, up, down, there (going through water in archipelago island maze)
  29. Leonardo the Pirate Cat: help, open, me, look, stop, no
  30. Bucket and shovel: help, look, there, here, not, again, open, find, look
  31. Sea Turtle: sad, look, find, sleep, up, there (to tell where to tickle Donatella the turtle)
  32. Goggles & snorkel: down, put on (flippers, goggles, snorkel), wait, in, open, look, there, find, not
  33. Keys: this, yes, no/not, again, more, open, out
  34. Campfire: worried, here, put in, more, there,

Each section has a check mark when you are “finished”/”done”. Initially the areas are locked but then you can go back and play one “again” or proceed forward in the story to explore “more”

Core Vocabulary list (alphabetical):

  1. again
  2. away
  3. big
  4. Bye
  5. down
  6. drink
  7. close
  8. come
  9. done/finished
  10. down
  11. drink
  12. eat
  13. fast
  14. find
  15. get
  16. give
  17. go
  18. help
  19. her
  20. here
  21. Hi
  22. his
  23. in
  24. like
  25. look
  26. make
  27. more
  28. move
  29. my
  30. no
  31. not
  32. off
  33. on
  34. open
  35. out
  36. put
  37. up
  38. sleep
  39. stop
  40. there
  41. this
  42. turn
  43. wait
  44. yes
  45. your


  • happy
  • sad
  • tired
  • excited
  • worried
  • scared

I purchased this app myself and love it so much I left a review on the App Store, am posting this here on my blog and will be sharing on social media. Part of a conscious effort to help support kids app developers 😊

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC
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