Using Guided Access to Prevent Exiting an App + preventing deleting apps, installing apps and in-app purchases

If you will be using an iPad with kids, then Guided Access is your new BFE (Best. Feature. Ever!). It can be used to disable the home button (or swiping to exit on devices without a home button) and lock the child into an app. Especially critical if you will be using the iPad as an AAC device or using it in therapy with kids with poor impulse control. See this info from Apple for the most current info and step by step directions: And info at:
How to Lock Into a Single App on iPhone & iPad with Guided Access
Unfortunately Guided Access automatically turns off when the iPad gets low on power. Even when it’s on it’s not hack-proof. So it’s important to backup any customized programming: And there are a few important settings to adjust in order to prevent the AAC app (or any other apps) from being deleted. This is also where you need to toggle off the ability to download apps and the ability to make in-app purchases. Be sure to set a strong password: How to block deleting an app:
How to Stop Kids from Deleting Apps on iPhone & iPad with Screen Time
How to block installing apps:
How to Prevent App Installation on iPhone & iPad with Screen Time
How to block in-app purchases:
How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on iPhone & iPad with Screen Time
How to disable Safari browser: Note: iPads on a “managed” system will have even stronger ways to lock down the device. Check with the IT department in charge of that managed system to determine the options.
If you are using an Android tablet for AAC, learning or therapy, see this post about using Screen Pinning: There are also apps to lock the tablet into “kiosk mode” (like Guided Access on an iPad). This one is free and has pretty good reviews: SecureME – Android Kiosk Launcher Lockdown Pro: Another option is Fully Kiosk Browser & App Lockdown, If those become unavailable, don’t work or you want other options, search for “Kiosk” to find similar apps in the Google Play App Store. Be sure to read through reviews and make sure it doesn’t have ads. I was not able to find anything similar on the Amazon App Store so I suggest researching this if you plan on using a Kindle Fire tablet.
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