How to do a “Forced Restart” on an iPad

Did you know that a “force-restart” (aka “hard reboot”) is different than the normal process of turning off an iPad? It’s similar to the difference between restarting vs powering off a computer. When an app is acting glitchy a “force-restart” will often resolve this issue. Just to be safe, be sure to backup any customized programming in an AAC app BEFORE doing a force-restart

How to force-restart an iPad with Face ID

1. Press the Volume Up button for one second and release it.

2. Press the Volume Down button for one second and release it.

3. Press and hold the Power button for five seconds until the Apple logo appears.

How to force-restart any other kind of iPad

1. Press and hold the Home button.

2. At the same time, press and hold the Power button.

3. Continue to hold both buttons for about 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo appear.

This simple process often resolves the issue.

If not, there are other things to try. It’s best to look on Apple’s website for that info since the process varies based on the model of iPad & the version of iOS it is running.

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC
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