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Spring OMazing Kids

Looking for ideas for Spring themed activities? Check out these albums of pics on the OMazing Kids Facebook page!


We will be doing Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes in OMazing Kids Yoga next week….. such a simple great book for Spring! See this pic on the FB page for a discussion of fun ideas for a kids yoga class based on this book, links to some free printables & coloring sheets, etc:  http://tinyurl.com/brqmrpt

Yoga Bunny coloring

More favorite books for this time of year (links are to pics on the OMazing Kids FB page…. lots of great discussion & sharing of ideas there. Feel free to join in on the “brainstorming” fun):


If You’re Hoppy by April Pulley Sayre (http://tinyurl.com/cnbsbzwhttp://tinyurl.com/c5d5s8w & http://tinyurl.com/c8r4c53


Like a Windy Day by Frank Asch

lots of lambs

Lots of Lambs by Laura Numeroff (http://tinyurl.com/cc9c3kj)

mouse's first day of spring

Mouse’s First Spring by Lauren Thompson (http://tinyurl.com/d5u2dtb)

Move Over Rover

Move Over Rover! by Karen Beaumont (http://tinyurl.com/a54zzxx)

mushroom in the rain

Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg (http://tinyurl.com/a7t3ztn; bought this book after seeing it recommended on the Storyoga FB page)

UPDATE 3/25/15: Free printable pose idea cards for Mushroom in the Rain: Mushroom in the Rain ~ OMazing Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

Mushroom in the Rain

My First Day

My First Day by Steve Jenkins (http://tinyurl.com/cmh48mz)


My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann (http://tinyurl.com/ctbejgz)

One Brown Bunny

One Brown Bunny by Marion Dane Bauer (http://tinyurl.com/bq4glnz)


Quiet Bunny by Lisa McCue (http://tinyurl.com/d2auh8n)

Quiet Bunny Many Colors

Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors by Lisa McCue (http://tinyurl.com/bqewsf9)

Red Hat cover web

Red Hat by Lita Judge (http://tinyurl.com/c8qkyem)

split slat

Split! Splat! by Amy Gibson (http://tinyurl.com/bueoccx)


“The Listening Walk” by Paul Showers (http://tinyurl.com/bm3bo53)

What Will Hatch - open book

What Will Hatch? by Jennifer Ward (http://tinyurl.com/c4ksz8d)



More spring fun:

Kids Yoga Stories

The Spring Fairy guided relaxation story

Peace Garden guided relaxation story from Bodylogique 

Spring, Insect & Flower Mandalas & Coloring Pages

Spring Printables & Crafts

Sounds Right: A Mindful Listening Gamerom Yogainmyschool

Yoga Bunny

Earth Day & Nature Ideas)

Rainbow-themed ideas

Celebrate The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day (aka. 1

April Themed Activities for Kids


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