New: Feature Matching Chart for Pragmatic Vocabulary Organization AAC Apps

New resource: Feature Matching Chart for Pragmatic Vocabulary Organization AAC Apps

Watch the TPT preview video where I’m viewing the PDF on my iPad in the free Xodo app. You’ll get a feel for how much info will be at your fingertips in this chart.

Watch the Intro video. It provides info about the intent of this resource:

Available on TPT:

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This feature matching resource includes information about the following options:

• CoughDrop – Sequoia board set – multi platform

• PODD for Grid for iPad

• simPODD – iPad

• TD Snap PODD – iPad

• Voco Chat in Grid for iPad

• PODD for Grid 3 – Windows

• PODD for Mind Express 5 – Windows

• TD Snap PODD – Windows

• Voco Chat in Grid 3 – Windows

There are 122 rows in the chart. But it’s super easy to use the “search” option to find what you want quickly.

This resource includes free access to over 3 hours of unlisted YouTube videos where I highlight some of the most unique features in each option and discuss the flexibility in customization, options for alternative access, etc…

Why this might be helpful to you is I have done all the heavy lifting of digging through websites and deep into app settings, testing everything out extensively and then distilling all that info into one PDF with all of the features that you’d need to compare all of these options.

This is a VERY deep dive beyond just vocabulary organization… it’s also an in depth look at the flexibility or limitations of the app platforms, customization and alternative access options plus includes detailed info about three different Bluetooth switch interfaces (Blue2, iSwitch & Cosmo).

You can search to find exactly what you’re looking for and can copy wording from this chart and paste it into your AAC reports to save time.

** All info is comprehensive, 100% up to date and verified by app developers **

I will be maintaining and updating this chart to help meet the need for current and comprehensive info to be used in feature matching.

Includes info about features in these particular apps that may be helpful as folks are exploring ways to modify AAC for Gestalt Language Processors.

Looking for in-depth AAC feature matching resources? See this blog post: That post also includes videos comparing AAC apps on various devices on various platforms.

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