New Resource: App and Card Game Companion + AAC Communication Board: Guess Who?

New Resource: App and Card Game Companion + AAC Communication Board: Guess Who?,

For use with the Guess Who? Meet the Crew app: (iOS Universal, iOS 11.0 or later. $2.99, prices vary outside of USA based on exchange rate). There isn’t an Android version of this app yet.

Update 2/25/23: An Android version is now available in the Google Play App Store: (freenium – the app is free with the first three levels included then an IAP (in app purchase) of $2.99 is required to unlock the rest of the app. I was able to use a $2.00 off coupon that was available when I went to purchase it so I got it for $0.99). Note: This app was not compatible for download on my Amazon Fire tablet that I have the Google Play App Store side loaded on. I did not find this app in the Amazon Appstore.

And the Guess Who? Card Game:

TPT Preview Video:

Video about the Guess Who? Meet the Crew app:

Here’s the review that I left on the App Store:

The 2.0 app update incorporated my suggestion of offering a way to toggle off the background music. Love it!

So excited that they incorporated my feedback! The 2.0 update added a way to toggle off the background music while still allowing the voiceovers and sound effects. I just a submitted an update for my review to say “thanks” ⬇️

Update: I decided to purchase the in-app purchase for the Transformers themed card deck. It is more challenging but would be fun for kids who have a high interest in Transformers. Update 2: I didn’t purchase this additional deck on Android since I already have it on iOS and prefer the original deck vs. this add on deck.

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Adapted Games for Inclusive Play: Candy Land

Adapted Games For Inclusive Play - Candy Land


Adapted Games for Inclusive Play: Candy Land

I’ve been looking for a way to make the Candy Land game accessible for kids with special needs and found a great solution by combing an app, a specific version of the board game and ideas from an old journal article and a few websites!

Who knew that there has been SO many different versions of this game over the years and that each version has slightly different pictures on the “picture squares” in the game?

Well there has been and I was determined to get the version of the board game that matched up to this app. Could have sworn that I already had the Candy Land board game but looked through my entire stash of materials and couldn’t find it. If I had found it and it wasn’t the right version, my plan was to take screenshots of the pink picture squares from the app and attach them to the game board to make it match.

After extensive research I finally figured out which version of the Candy Land board game matches this app. I bought “Candy Land – The Kingdom of Sweets Board Game” (2010) on Amazon for $7.49: and this app for $.99 (Candy Cards by Panther Technology, , iOS 3.2 or later, Universal app that works on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). I was initially leery of the app since it had not been updated since 2012 but at the price of $.99 decided to try it out. I’m pleased to report that it worked fine on my iPad Air (running iOS 9.3.1) and on my iPhone 5 (running iOS 9.3.2). The only quirky thing I noted when using the app on an iPhone is that the app did not adjust to landscape orientation and had a small black band of dead space at the top and bottom of the screen.

Check out all the options in this app’s settings area:

Under “Accessibility” settings:

  •  “Safety Time”: For kids who tend to tap repetitively, you can lock the screen for 2, 3, 5 or 10 seconds after drawing each card. That means focus can stay on the game instead of “stimming” on the iPad screen.
  • The “Target” feature can be centered, appear at random places, or even move around the screen if you are wanting to work on “targeted touch”. When “target” is toggled off, you can tap anywhere on the screen to “draw” a card (great for kids with more severe motor impairments).

Under “Play Settings”, you can toggle on/off the background music, the card count, and sound effects and select one of four backgrounds (grey metal, orange, candy stripe and my personal fave… a calming green).






See more about the app on the developer’s website:

So for the bargain price of $8.48 I now have a version of this classic kids game that is more inclusive of kids of a wide range of abilities and needs. I plan on modifying play further when I am in a group or have parents and/or siblings present by playing as “teams” where one teammate’s job is to “draw” the card using the app and the other teammate’s job is to move the game piece. Another option in a 1-on-1 session would be for you and the child to use it as a “cooperative” game and work together as a team to move one of the game pieces to the castle.



I am also planning on incorporating the ideas for adaptations & task analysis from the journal article “Everyone Can Play!: Adapting the Candy Land Board Game TEACHING Exceptional Children July-August 1996 28: 28-33” (yes I realize the article is 20 years old but the concepts are still valid today). I saved a PDF of the full article out on Dropbox:




{No Prep SLP Tips: Candy Land}


Additional ideas:

Check out these great Pinterest boards full of game adaptation ideas:

And lots of materials created by SLPs on TPT: I especially like this self esteem conversation prompts freebie:


Oooh… just saw this fun idea to combine Candy Land + the Name That Word Game. Love finding new ways to use materials that I already own! I got my copy of that game several years ago at a back-to-school sale at a teacher supply store but saw that it’s available on Amazon.


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