Anxiety and Autism: Helpful Tools

Unfortunately anxiety is common with Autism. It’s the main reason that I went through training for kids yoga and mindfulness. I needed tools as an SLP to be able to help my patients learn self regulation and self affirmation skills.

Here are several helpful tools:

Two Amazing “Must Have” Books for Teaching Kids Self-Regulation Skills:

Calming Kit Visual Support and Calming Corner:

Visual Supports with Voice Output for the “Win”! – Incredible 5 Point Scale and the GoTalk Now app:

Fingertip Sphere Breathing for Self Regulation & Calming:

Owl & Star plush characters from Super Simple Learning + free printable affirmation coloring pages: Any stuffed animal or doll can be used with belly breathing. See this video:

Five Count Breathing Stars visual support:

Smell the Icing – Blow out the Candle visual support:

Several great apps in this resource guide:

And handouts from a training “Therapeutic Yoga For Kids and Teens with Autism” that I did at the Oklahoma Autism Conference in 2011:

I’ll update this post to add additional resources as I create or find them.

Disclaimer: Anxiety is very real and can be severe. Please seek the care of an appropriate mental health professional as needed. Any tools shared here may not work for everyone. They are shared as examples and may need to be customized to meet individual needs.

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