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Seriously. If you want to get SLPs in a tizzy just post a question or comment about anything related to oral motor strategies or the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) in certain Facebook groups. Then step back and watch the panties get in a wad. All kinds of spewing about lack of evidence and some very hateful comments. <<side note: does anyone ask about the use of the Pokemon Go app as an evidenced based practice? Nope. Even ASHA jumped on that crazy bandwagon>>. The problem is they are so close minded that they don’t want to stop to consider that ASHA says “evidence” can also include clinical expertise and patient/caregiver perspectives (

While I don’t personally don’t use a lot of oral motor strategies, I have worked closely with SLPs who use that extensively as part of their therapy “toolkit” with fabulous results. As grandma used to say “the proof is in the pudding”.

After watching numerous videos, reading several books and chatting with Elizabeth Vosseller, MA, CCC-SLP, a SLP who specializes in RPM at the Growing Kids Therapy Center (see this post: She blogs and posts frequently about her RPM successes with patients on her FB page:, my mind is open to the possibility that RPM is in fact a valid approach to try with certain patients. Patients for whom other more traditional AAC approaches have not worked. But I guess those with their panties in a wad would rather these individuals not have a “voice” if it requires atypical types of supports.

Just needed to vent. Hey it’s my page and I can share my thoughts freely here. Be forewarned…. if anyone leaves hateful or disparaging comments on any of my social media sites they will be deleted.
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Angela Moorad is the founder of OMazing Kids, LLC and is an ASHA certified & licensed pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and Kids Yoga Teacher with over 26 years experience working in a variety of settings (early intervention, schools, teletherapy & a nonprofit pediatric rehab hospital for children with developmental disabilities). She is an app beta tester for educational & therapeutic app developers and loves sharing info about great apps, products, books & toys to use with kids of all abilities.
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