Creating a “text only” set up for kids in symbol-based AAC apps

I’ve seen several posts recently from pediatric SLPs looking for text-based AAC options for pretty young children. I had several patients like that on my caseload who preferred not to have symbols but the true text-based AAC apps didn’t have the vocabulary or age-appropriate voices that they needed.

This video shows how you can adjust the settings in 4 symbol-based AAC apps to turn them into a text-based set up. There are time stamps so you can jump to each app.

0:00 Intro
0:45 – Proloquo2Go
1:21 – TouchChat with WordPower
1:52 – CoughDrop
2:36 – TD Snap

The pros to doing this are having access to the age-appropriate vocabulary and age-appropriate voices.

All 4 of these apps have a keyboard area and 3 of them can access the iOS keyboard.

Want in-depth info about more features in robust apps? See this AAC feature matching resource:

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FREE app + PDF with 8 pages of FREE printables to target Core Vocabulary, Articulation & Rhyming (created by Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, OMazing Kids)

FREE app + PDF with 8 pages of FREE printables to target Core Vocabulary, Articulation & Rhyming

This fun FREE app has lots of opportunities to target core words (I, me, you, not, help, that, find, little, see, look, there, do, open) and directional words (up, down, left, right) as you slide the tabs in the story. Also lots of great rhyming words (bear, square, pear, tear, chair, stair, hair, fair, flare, mare, there, everywhere) that could also be used as articulation targets for kids working on vocalic -air words.

I made 8 pages of free printables to go with the app:

  • response recording form for vocalic -air articulation
  • Core Vocabulary target pages for AAC:
    – LAMP Words for Life
    – Proloquo2go
    – Speak for Yourself
    – Talk Suite Pro
    – TouchChat HD with WordPower
    – Avaz
    – one without symbols

Each of these AAC apps has a symbol finder feature so be sure to use that to become familiar with where these words are located before using this activity.

These Core Vocabulary target pages are intended to be used as a visual reminder of words to target while using an AAC app on one device and the free “Where Is My Little Square Bear?” app on a separate device.

I made these free printables on my iPad using screenshots from free manual boards and/or that AAC app and a template and SymbolStix symbols in the iESLp app (, iOS 8.3 or later, $19.99 – such an amazing value with all the templates and SymbolStix symbols included. Pay once… no subscription required).

Get the FREE printables:

Get the FREE app:

iOS: Where Is My Little Square Bear? by Eli Hooper,, iOS Universal, iOS 7.0 or later

Android: Where Is My Little Square Bear? by Eli Hooper,
Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC
AppPeeps Facebook Group:

{Book Review + Free Printables for AAC Core Vocabulary} Mouse by Zebo Ludvicek


I may also program a page for this book in the TouchChat with WordPower 60 Basic pageset since it has templates for early childhood books.