Pretty Carrying Bag for an iPad

If you are looking for a pretty crossbody bag that can fit an iPad while it is in its protective case in Landscape orientation + has extra pockets to carry things like a phone, keys, etc…, then take a look at this bag from Canvaslove.

That’s my iPad (8th gen) in a Pepkoo case. There’s plenty of room for it in the main padded area with a zipper closure. There is a large slip pocket on the front, a full length zipper pocket on the back and another large slip pocket on the back.

If you have good sewing and MacGyver-ing abilities, it looks like it might be possible to cut an opening to create a spot in the front to have the iPad screen accessible for modeling.

See this screenshot from a comment that I received in a group on Facebook with some suggestions. I’ll add more ideas as I receive them…

YouTube video:

I ordered mine when it was on sale for $12 on Amazon. Looks like the price went up a bit but it’s still a good deal: Canvaslove,

There are several different prints to choose from 😊

I’d love to hear if anyone tries modifying it to put the iPad in the front to wear for modeling.

I worked with several teenage girls who cared very much about AAC looking cute and feminine. When I had them look online and show me what that meant to them, most gravitated towards patterns from Vera Bradley or Lilly Pulitzer. Which many teens and women love. They wanted to fit in with their peers. Most bags and carrying straps from AAC companies didn’t fit what they wanted. See this post on my blog for another example:

I often used a Vera Bradley pattern wallpaper on the iPad Lock Screen:

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