GoTalk Now: Video Line Expressions (thinking about creative AAC options for Gestalt Language Processors)

GoTalk Now: Video Line Expressions (

This is a Communication Book that I created in the GoTalk Now app with 16 buttons with very short video clips based on “scripts” that my patients used to express emotions or thoughts.

I’ve been following discussions about how traditional AAC options may not meet the needs of Gestalt Language Processors and have been thinking about how features in current AAC apps could be modified or used in creative ways.

These very short video clips and Visual Scene Displays (, or Video Visual Scene Displays are a few of the things that I’ve been thinking about.

The video clips are saved on the Camera Roll on this iPad. I downloaded many of them from the Yarn website where you can find videos by searching a line ( If I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted on that website then I made a very short screencast recording from YouTube.

The Online Gallery has been glitchy today. I attempted to upload this to share several times. My guess is the company’s website/servers are likely overwhelmed by all the folks who purchased the app during the sale yesterday. I’ll try again in a few days. In the meantime, I uploaded it to Dropbox:

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