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{Free Printable & Lesson Plan} Ladybug Girl Gives Thanks



Have you seen the new line of Ladybug Girl board books? Board books are a great option when doing 1-on-1 activities. The sturdy pages and shortened text lend themselves well to repeated use with kids with special needs. I love this newest book in the Ladybug Girl series! It has a great message of gratitude and is filled with lots of opportunities for kids yoga: ladybug, dog, bumblebee breath, grasshopper (for Grasshopper Girl), crescent moon, standing star, tree, book (easy pose and open/close legs like turning pages in a book, pumpkin (child pose with hands at head for stem), pie making sequence (see details below) & ending with the Gratitude Relaxation guided relaxation and activities from the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck. I also include coloring as part of relaxation.

Get the free printable coloring page that I made for the yoga poses in this book:



Pie making kids yoga sequence: 

  • roll out the pie dough (lay on belly & kids choose if they want their arms, legs or back rolled out with a pool noodle “rolling pin” or a real rolling pin – be mindful of kid’s sensory needs and always ask their permission before touching. Some kids may prefer to roll out their own arms or legs with the pool noodle)
  • easy pose legs as bowl, put in pumpkin, eggs, spices, etc., mix (stir the pot & do “washing machine” for mixer)
  • pie pose (seated angle)
  • tick-tock-toes timer (point-flex feet while saying “tick tock” as the pie “cooks” on your oven)
  • smell & “mmm” breath


Fun idea:


See this post for more ideas for teaching kids about gratitude and thankfulness. Includes lesson plans for several books, crafts, Gratitude Relaxation card and a music playlist:

And this album:

An album of Fall mandalas & coloring pages:


Also check out this fun new song:

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