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Wow…. The new Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck has it all!  The Y4C card deck provides an easy to use, well-rounded & comprehensive approach to yoga for kids. It is a “must have” for classroom teachers & kids yoga teachers.

Product Description:

Science has shown and educators have experienced first-hand that when children are anxious, frustrated or stressed, it is nearly impossible for them to learn. It is only from a relaxed, calm and present state of mind and body that children can be psychologically and physiologically learning-ready. With that in mind, ChildLight Yoga, creators of the innovative Yoga 4 Classrooms™ program, has drawn on its 10 years of experience to produce a new tool: the new Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck can be used by teachers, students, parents, and counselors.  No prior yoga experience is required.

The Y4C Activity Card Deck includes a Teacher’s Guide & 67 large 6”x8” yoga and mindfulness-based activity cards with illustrated instructions, discussion points, sub-activities, and educational tie-ins, for a total of more than 200 beneficial classroom practices.

Activities fall into six categories:

Let’s Breathe: helps calm and center, or empower and energize. (9 cards)

At Your Desk: provides physical relief from long periods of sitting, improves focus, and keeps body systems functioning efficiently. (11 cards)

Stand Strong: provides simple, structured opportunities to stand up, stretch, balance and strengthen. (14 cards)

Loosen Up: dispels stress through energetic release or introspection and focus. (11 cards)

Imagination Vacation: offers child-friendly approaches to meditation through guided visualization, helping students bring their awareness to the present moment, which is the necessary state for learning. (11 cards)

Be Well: offers a framework for child-friendly discussions on topics supporting health and wellness (11 cards)

  • The activities were specially chosen for their suitability for the typical classroom space, and can all be done standing beside or sitting at desks, while bodies and hands remain off the floor, away from dirt and germs.
  • The cards include a mix of yoga postures, brain boosting movements, breath exercises, visualizations, mindfulness activities, creative movement and community-building games.
  • There are also wellness and character-building discussion points, such as the power of positive thinking, nutrition, and being a peacemaker, that address the whole child – physical, social and emotional.

Here are a few pics of the cards:

See more sample cards at: Yoga 4 Classrooms – sample cards

Here’s what I LOVE about the Y4C Card Deck:

  • Yoga is so much more than just “poses” so it is refreshing to see this expressed so well in a kids yoga product!
  • The instructions on the back of the card are easy to understand & often provide ideas for partner variations, ideas to include books & music and other classroom extension ideas.
  • The cards would be very easy to use in any setting with the use of standing & chair poses (no need for yoga mats or floor space) and do not have anything in them that could be viewed as “religious” (no Sanskrit words, Om symbols, etc..) thus avoiding the potential objections school administration or parents might have.
  • The cards are colorful & large enough to be seen in a group setting.
  • The cards are color-coded by category.
  • The illustrations on the cards depict kids of diverse ethnicities & abilities.
  • The words on the front of each card capture the essence & purpose of that activity or pose and would be easy to use as “affirmations”.
  • The “Be Well” cards  address “Yamas” & “Niyamas” of yoga via “Character Education” in a classroom-friendly way. Yamas are social disciplines –  how we behave toward others & Niyamas are personal disciplines – how we care for ourselves.

More info about the Y4C Card Deck:,_Moms,_Kids_and_Others/

Card Deck Price (as of this post date): $32.00

Available online at:

Use this promo code to get 10% off: REVIEW (code good through 12/31/11)

Find Y4C & Childlight Yoga on Facebook at: &  and Blogs: & They frequently post info about kids yoga so I follow them all!

Additional Info: Here is what I consider to be a well-balanced approach to kids yoga (slide from my presentation at the Oklahoma Autism Conference – click on the slide if you want to see more info):


Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed are my own.

How to enter the Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck giveaway:

  1. Enter via the “Giveaways” tab on the OMazing Kids Yoga FB page ( & mention how you would be using this Card Deck with your child or the children you work with.  (comments must be in English; 1 entry per Facebook account).
  2. For one additional entry, leave a comment on this blog post. Must mention how you would be using this Card Deck with your child or the children you work with. (comments must be in English; 1 entry per person; must have a valid e-mail address)
  3. Tips: You increase your odds of winning by entering via both methods. Entering via the “Giveaways” tab will save me the step of having to obtain your mailing address – the info you complete on the tab comes directly to me via an e-mail.

Entry Deadline: Enter by any of the methods listed above by 11:59pm CST on December 19, 2011.

Rules of Participation:

  • Must be 18 years or older with a valid e-mail address.
  • Only USA entries are being allowed for this particular giveaway.
  • Employees or family members of OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC, Childlight Yoga or Yoga 4 Classrooms are not eligible.
  • No purchase required.
  • Comments submitted via the Enter Giveaways Here…. tab on Facebook may be copied & pasted into the blog post.
  • Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received.
  • One (1) winner will be chosen via a random drawing of valid entries on December 20, 2011.
  • The winner will get one (1) copy of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck.
  • The winner will be notified via e-mail and will be posted on the blog post.
  • If the winner only entered via blog post, their mailing address will be obtained via e-mail.
  • In the event that the winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected via a random drawing.
  • The winner’s address will be forwarded to Yoga 4 Classrooms & they will be shipping the Card Deck directly to the winner.
  • Prize Value: retail price $32.00.

Other Legal Stuff: I know it’s just a kids yoga card deck but just to be safe here is all the legal stuff…

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You are providing your information to OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for our internal purposes in relation to the administration of the giveaway. Your information will NOT be sold to any outside parties.

Indemnification/Hold Harmless: By participating, entrants agree: (a) to the decisions of OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC, which shall be final in all respects; (b) to release, discharge, and hold harmless OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC and its respective representatives and agents from all liability, injuries, losses or damages of any kind to persons or property resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the acceptance, possession, misuse or use of a prize, or from participation in and/or entry into the Contest or any Contest-related activity and for acceptance, delivery, or use of any prize; (c) that the foregoing parties have neither made nor are in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guaranty, expressed or implied, in fact or in law, relating to any prize.

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2

Speech-Language Pathologist

Founder of OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC – inclusive yoga for kids & teens of all abilities in Norman, Oklahoma

Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2





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37 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck

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  6. Here are the comments that were submitted by folks who entered only via the tab on the OMazing Kids Yoga Facebook page. All of those entries come to me via e-mail so I copied all the comments & pasted them in here:

    1. As a 3rd grade classroom teacher, I think these cards would be helpful in intorducing my students to yoga. They would serve as a tool to teach them proper alignment, while making it fun for them at the same time.

    2. I’m always looking for ways to show children how they can use yoga at school, not just in yoga class. I’d use this card deck to expand on what we’ve already discussed and tried, in an effort to show students that yoga goes beyond the studio.

    3. I noticed that kids love to teach others about yoga. I would have the kids pick a card and teach the class that pose on the card. Also the benefits of the pose. I have two different decks of yoga cards. I only use one though with my young yogis (the other deck to me is not kid friendly), and I think this deck would be perfect. Great colors and simple instructions. I would use the deck in circle time or strike a pose. There are so many possibilities.

    4. I am a new teacher and intend to teach a kids class in my home studio (read, new barn with a great floor!) Also hope to do some work with my granddaughter’s preschool.

    5. I would use these cards to help my learning support class. I would use these during a break time or when a student became frustrated or unfocused.

    6. I would use these cards a ton! I have been teaching to children for about a year now & am always looking for ways to revamp & add more interest to my classes. I also have started a program for the YMCA teaching yoga to children with Autism and their families. I have come to realize that these fun visual references are a necessary tool in teaching children with autism. Without these visual aids the class wouldn’t work. They thrive on seeing what comes next and examples of the poses. My two children, Henry and Katie love using them at home as well. They love playing yoga teacher & I get tons of ideas from them to use in my class! Its a collaborative effort! I would be thrilled to add these cards to my back pocket of tricks!

    7. I look forward to integrating this cards into my therapy practice, the other therapists as well as my yoga classes. It’s a fantastic and handy way to build to be strength, coordination and have fun!

    8. Plans to use them at the schools she teaches yoga at. Most of the kids have a diagnosis in the autism spectrum.

    9. It will be a great tool to use during a weather necessitated indoor recess, as a break after a test, and to use to increase test taking concentration skills by discussing both focus and attention.

    10. I teach yoga to a small group of students with special needs. They love yoga and the cards would be a great way to help them take control of their practice. They love the set of cards I have with the pictures of the more popular poses, but this would be an amazing addition to my class.

    11. I teach yoga at my daughter’s school, so BOTH, I guess!

    12. As an adult, I understand the importance of yoga in my everyday life. I am trying to teach my young children to also use yoga on a daily basis so they grow up always having known yoga! These cards would be a great help with my teachings to them. I am also considering getting my teacher training so I can teach yoga to other young children so hopefully someday these cards can be put to use in my classes!

    13. I would be using this car deck as an introduction to yoga with my Asperger’s 6-year-old. I am actively looking for long-term ways to help him become the most content, balanced kid he can be within his brain; to foster positive self-worth, and avoid the pitfalls that many with his learning style succumb to.

    14. I would use it before or after testing or when I see that my students need something to energize or relax them.

    15. I use some of the breathing techniques I learned in my yoga classes to help my students relax before the state testing and just recently, before finals. I would love to share more yoga with my students and with my own children (ages 12 years and 21 months). I teach 8th grade math and Algebra I. I believe that it is imperative to not only teach my students math, but to also teach them life skills, such as note taking and study skills. I would like to add yoga to the list of life skills. Yoga has helped me personally; I would like to share it with my students. It would make a great starter or finisher for my classes! The cards would definitely come in handy!

    16. What a great tool for kids after school yoga class. I would set the cards into the middle of our circle, have kids draw one form the pile and then do an activity with the poses drawn. (this is just one idea!)
    17. I am a NYC DOE dance educator and I am always looking for great resources to use with my students. Unfortunately, money is very lacking in our school system and I would be so grateful to win this wonderful teaching tool.

    18. These would be used with children when we must have recess inside. Thanks for the giveaway.

    19. We love to do an obstacle course by using lots of yoga mats around the room and having a card to mimic the pose. Tons of fun!

    20. Dear Omazing Kids, My name is Kate Stewart and I teach second grade at a visual and performing arts magnet school in San Pedro Ca. My school is called South Shores. The majority of my students are bussed to our our school from local lower income areas such as Wilmington, California. I have been practicing yoga for the past 12 years. I am always wanting to bring yoga into my classroom to help my students feel calm, more relaxed, peaceful and more centered. I also want to help my students to improve their overall health, body awareness, flexibility, and concentration. Each day I try to begin the day with a short yoga practice in class. I also provide weekly creative dance lessons and I try to incorporate yoga into the movement classes. I would love to use your cards to help me learn how to make the practice more child friendly and to spark my imagination when it comes to adapting the practice to 7-8 year olds. The 24 children in my classroom would benefit greatly from a more consistent practice, guided by your helpful cards. I know the yoga cards would be an incredible resource for my students and would have a positive impact on my overall teaching. Thank you for considering us in your Giveaway.

  7. Thank you Angela for a fantastic review and a fun giveaway contest for the Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck, and to all for their thoughtful comments! We encourage those who did not ‘win’ the free deck to purchase their own using the coupon code: HOLIDAY to receive a 10% discount. Learn more about Y4C and order your deck at

    All my best,
    Lisa Flynn
    ChildLight Yoga & Yoga 4 Classrooms
    453 Central Ave, Suite 103
    Dover, NH 03820
    ChildLight Yoga:
    Yoga 4 Classrooms:

  8. Congratulations to Jill Korell for winning the Yoga 4 Classrooms card deck! I have forwarded her address on to Lisa at Y4C to mail the deck to her 🙂 Thanks to everyone who participated…. one of my favorite parts of hosting giveaways is reading all the comments!

    Be looking for another fun review & giveaway on OMazing Kida Yoga the week after Christmas 🙂

    Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year… thanks for all that each of you do for kids!

    Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2
    Speech-Language Pathologist
    Founder of OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC – inclusive yoga for kids & teens of all abilities in Norman, Oklahoma
    Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2

    • I can’t tell you how excited I am to use and share these cards! Santa DID read my letter….LOL! I feel very blessed and please know that they will be used to help so many children that need and love yoga! Thank you again for the wonderful giveaways and knowledge you share with us Angela and Lisa thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this wonderful tool with me! Merry Christmas to you both and a Happy New Year!

      • Hi Jill – It is exciting to hear about other therapists using yoga with the kids they see! I have been a pediatric SLP for over 21 years & have been doing yoga with kids for almost 2 years. I work at the JD McCarty Center in Norman, OK. It is my passion to spread the info to other therapists, teachers & parents about the power of yoga for kids of all abilities here in Oklahoma. I’d really love to see “inclusive” yoga where kids of all abilities could learn & enjoy the benefits of yoga together 🙂

        * Have you ever thought about going through a formal kids yoga teacher training?

        You should really consider it…. I went through the Radiant Child Yoga training, levels 1 & 2 but would love more training myself.

        I have seen really great feedback about the trainings Lisa offers through Childlight Yoga & Y4C. I’d LOVE to take one of her trainings but travel restrictions on state agencies in Oklahoma pretty much prohibit out-of-state travel….. which means I would have to pay my own way…. and I can’t afford to do that right now. So I’ve been focusing my efforts on trying to get kids yoga teacher trainings to come here to Oklahoma (I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t afford to pay for a training + the lodging & travel expenses right now). If we ever want to have kids yoga become as prevalent and accepted here as it is on both coasts, we will need to have training opportunities here in our own state.

        Rainbow Kids Yoga is scheduled to come do one of their 3-day kids yoga teacher trainings at Namaste Yoga in SW Oklahoma City in January (…. although I’m not sure if they have had enough folks register for them to do the training.

        I have a applied for a grant to help sponsor at least partial scholarships for a kids yoga teacher training here in central Oklahoma but haven’t heard back yet on if I got the grant or not.

        * Could you help spread the word to other therapists in Oklahoma to see if we can stir up enough interest to get a kids yoga teacher training here in Oklahoma?

        Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2
        Speech-Language Pathologist
        Founder of OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC – inclusive yoga for kids & teens of all abilities in Norman, Oklahoma

        Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2

  9. I work with kids with Autism & our kids love any sensory input that we can provide, yoga poses included. Some of our kids (verbal ones) have even go to the point where they request yoga time before it even happens. We try to incorporate yoga into our daily schedule at least for a half hour everyday. None of our therapist are trained in yoga, so many of us have been learning on our own as we go. I know this card set would make these a lot easier to learn things and get ideas for each days session, especially for our therapist that do not do yoga as often and have trouble coming up with poses to do with our kids. Thanks so much for the opportunity & giving this out to someone who could really use it!

  10. I am so excited to see that you and Yoga 4 Kids are so generously giving this deck away! I have been reading all about it since you posted it on your blog a few weeks ago and crossing my fingers that Santa read my letter ☺! I am an OT who splits my time in an out patient clinic and a head start with 3 classrooms! The children I see range from 3-12 years old. Most diagnosis include ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Autism, and sensory processing disorder. I have been implementing yoga for the past few weeks with the few poses I have gotten off the information you post on your blog. 95% of my caseload has sensory processing issues not allowing their brain to efficiently communicate with their body causing them to constantly crash into objects and others, become very anxious with all the surrounding sensory information coming into the brain increasing frustration and making learning difficult both in the classroom and at home.

    I have found that the little amount of yoga poses I have been implementing have really affected these children! They are able to go back to class with an increase in attention, and a decrease in anxiety and frustration due to their environment that can be so stressful. The yoga is also helping increase their core strength and helping their little joints and muscles communicate with their brain more efficiently! I would love to use this deck to expand my knowledge on different poses to individualize each session regarding what the kiddos need whether it be breathing, sitting at their desks, or even getting up and doing some moving! I would feel so blessed to have this deck in my hands and be able to share it with the teachers and families that I see on a weekly basis! Thank you for the opportunity to increase my knowledge and have a positive affect on the kids that need us the most!

    Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Jill, It’s Lisa Flynn, Founder of ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms here. I want to thank you for your comment and commend you on including yoga in your therapies. My own son, who is now 9 years old, was diagnosed with SID at an early age. In no small way, he has been the inspiration for much of the work that I do. He is quick to say he ‘doesn’t like yoga’. However, he is actually the most yogic person in our household, having learned early how to take a deep breath to calm, how to retreat and find a quiet space to decompress when things become overwhelming, and how a few stretches at bedtime and between activities can help ‘reset’ his system. Through yoga and mindfulness, he continues to learn to self-regulate and his successes have only spurned me on to do and share more with others. Our mission with both our of our programs is to give children tools that build inner resilience and positive self-perception while building the foundation for lifelong health and wellness. Our trainings, workshops and now the Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck will hopefully be helpful to others who seek to promote the same. Namaste!

      • Lisa,

        Thank you so much for your post! It makes my day to see how families rally around their loved ones and the amazing opportunities that come about from it! Yoga has been such a wonderful tool that I never thought I would use as an OT! Its amazing what it does for the kids I see! Exactly what you have said about your own son is what I see every day with the kids I see! Yoga just seems to put their minds at ease and “reset” their minds and bodies so they can return to class or home or whatever the next activity be without the anxiety or frustration that I was seeing before! Thank you for sharing this wonderful tool with so many people! 🙂

  11. I would love to use these at home with my kids!! It would be a neat way to get my kids exercising.

  12. I would incorporate these exercises into my classroom to get kids moving around. My idea is to introduce them, if they haven’t been already, to the ways they can stretch and use these exercises as a form of relaxation. Not only would I be working their minds, but now I would be working their bodies too!

  13. hiya. I’d use these cards in my children’s yoga classes. A child would get to pull a card from the deck and then we would do that pose!

  14. This would be part of our exercise routine- whether daily or 2-3 times each week with my children! Perfect for inside when it’s too cold and snowy outside! Thank you so much for the opportunity! My children and I would love it!

  15. I had breast cancer in 2009-2010 and have been seeing a holistic physician. He’s suggested yoga to me and when I think of yoga, I think of the time away from my son (plus the cost). These little cards would be nice to introduce yoga to him here at home and even to do a little of it with him! 🙂

  16. These cards would be helpful with social/emotional intelligence, which is so often cut from school curriculum. Using the breathing and the “loosen up” activities would be great to help kids calm and focus!

  17. Thanks so much for your support of this unique product for use in classrooms and elsewhere. We’re excited to be part of this giveaway and encourage readers to also take a moment to learn more about Yoga 4 Classrooms program as a whole at It is our mission to transform educational environments through yoga-based wellness training and support. We empower students and educators to create positive, peaceful, productive classrooms that support exceptional learning and a lifetime of health and wellness. Namaste!

  18. I will be using the cards when I teach mindfulness and yoga during my guidance lessons in Arlee, Montana. I’ve also been asked to teach mindfulness to children at a Quaker retreat this winter so I’d likely use them there as well.

  19. I go into y son’s 4th grade classroom every month to do yoga with the kids (we are waiting right now to see if we have been chose to compete for the Yoga Recess classroom yoga grant-fingers crossed) and I will be offering a development workshop for the teachers in the school and then also going into other classrooms. I would love to bring this deck of cards with me as a added resource for interaction with the students!

  20. I would love to use these with my students at the end of class for relaxation time! And also to give them some new ways of moving and breathing. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Any teacher would be lucky to win these.

  21. My daughter’s teacher is looking for ways to bring yoga into their classroom. This would be a perfect gift to the teacher and class!

  22. I am so excited about these cards! As an aspiring kids yoga teacher these will be fantastic for my journey and for my children when we practice our yoga here at home and with my son’s preschool class!

  23. Oh my goodness! These look perfect for classroom use, especially the chair activities that would allow my Kindergarten kiddos to have brain breaks between activities!

  24. Theses cards would be perfect for me! I volunteer in my child’s classroom and teach yoga to them every other week. I could really use some additional resources and teaching methods. I am very lucky to live in an area that believes Kids Yoga is a valuable exercise!

  25. Wow, these cards look great and I would love to use them in my yoga class. I’m looking for ways to include more mindfulness/ character education to my classes and this decks looks like it will be very helpful and child friendly.

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