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No-Prep “Grab & Go” Activity for Core Vocabulary & Language: Play-Doh Rowdy the Garbage Truck and the book Trashy Town (includes free printable symbols and coloring page)


Looking for a No Prep “Grab & Go” activity that has lots of opportunities for targeting core vocabulary, following directions, sequencing, adjectives, verbs, expanding utterances & more?  

I have several patients who have a passion for garbage trucks and anything related to them ….. funny but true. So I use the book “Trashy Town” frequently in OMazing Kids speech therapy. Look who arrived to join Mr. Gilley the Trashman…. It’s Rowdy the Garbage Truck Play-Doh set 😃.

Oh my goodness! This was hilarious to use in OMazing Kids speech therapy this week. We laughed so hard as it shot PlayDoh bugs, fish bones & rats out the back. Several kids with very short attention maintained joint attention for over 5 minutes. Lots of spontaneous uses of: in, go, out, more, open, close, up, down, squish, drive, sticky, eww!, look!, bugs, trash, worms, etc. Here’s a short video to give you a peek at the Play-Doh Rowdy the Trash Truck. It’s an older toy but still available on Amazon. Also saw several on eBay.

In case you missed it, I made these free printable symbols to go with it:

Free Printable Symbols: Anytime I get a toy like this I immediately create symbols to go with it and store them in the lid of the storage container so it is a “No Prep – Grab & Go” activity. I use them both as PECS symbols and also as visual supports for language and expanding utterances.

Here is a free printable of the symbols that I made.

I’m including a PDF version for those who don’t have access to Boardmaker:


Free printable Trashy Town coloring page:


If you don’t have the book Trashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha, take a look at this video. It’s always a fave:


Fun free Garbage Truck song:


A garbage truck music video:


And garbage truck themed apps:


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