Split View AAC Mash-Up: TouchChat with WordPower + IssieDocs + Thankful Turkey PDF

I’ve been having fun exploring combining AAC apps with other things via Split View (also known as Split Screen or Multitasking).

My video shows TouchChat with WordPower + the new free IssieDocs app + a free Thankful Turkey PDF worksheet.


Apps & PDF featured in my video:

* TouchChat with WordPower: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/touchchat-hd-aac-w-wordpower/id412351574 (they usually have a 50% off sale on this AAC app in May & in October. 30-day free trial anytime via their TouchChat Discover app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/touchchat-discover/id427022529). This is a robust iOS symbol-based AAC app. In-depth info about it can be found in my feature matching resource (TPT: https://bit.ly/SymbolBasedAACapps. Blog post: https://bit.ly/SymbolBasedAACblogpost)

Also see their website: https://touchchatapp.com

* IssieDocs: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/issiedocs/id1469032311 (FREE worksheet editor and digital binder app)

They have several fabulous FREE apps: https://tech.beitissie.org.il/en/our-apps/. Watch their webinar for in-depth info and fun implementation ideas. Info about IssieDocs starts at 42:43 in the webinar (note: the webinar was recorded prior to English being added to the app but use and editing info is the same)

* Thankful Turkey worksheet PDF: https://bit.ly/ThankfulTurkeyPDF (FREE, website: https://www.printabulls.com/holidays/thanksgiving/i-am-thankful-for-printables/)

See this blog post for another example of using Split Screen: Gestalt Language Processing & Using Google Maps to Communicate: https://bit.ly/AACandGoogleMaps.

Want to know which other AAC apps support use of Split Screen? I’m adding that info to my in-depth and up to date AAC feature matching resources: https://bit.ly/5aacFeatureMatchingResources

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