Sneak Peek at the new Motor Plan Pageset for TD Snap (coming to the UK in November 2022, coming to the USA in January / February 2023)

Super excited to be beta testing the new Motor Plan pagesets (Motor Plan 30 & Motor Plan 66) for TD Snap. The two main designers behind it at Tobii Dynavox contacted me and asked if I’d like to see it. So I got my first peek at it during a video conference call over Teams on Thursday (10/20/22) and then received the beta files on Friday (10/21/22). I promised not to share those files but they were fine with me posting on social media about it.

So here are my first videos. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more as I continue to explore it. Very impressed with what I’m seeing.

These new pagesets will be coming to the UK in November 2022 and then coming to the USA in January / February 2023).

Videos (watch this area, I’ll be adding more videos as I explore features. Note: What you see in these videos may not match the final version of these pagesets. I’m sure they will continue to tweak things. That’s what “beta testing” is for 😊):

Motor Plan 30 & Motor Plan 66 pagesets

Setting up a new user for the Motor Plan 30 or Motor Plan 66 pageset. These new pagesets will be an addition to (not replacing) those already available. TD Snap is like a “library” and the pagesets are like “books” available within it.

How verbs are organized:

additional videos coming soon…

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