Tech Tutorial: How to Add Symbols and GIF Videos to WordToob, GoTalk Now and TouchChat (includes access to my Google Drive folders with cropped symbols, GIF videos & the GoTalk Now communication book file) – updated 12/1/22

Update 12/1/22:

I deactivated that resource on TPT. Despite having step by step instructions it was a bit too complicated and I was getting way too many questions about it. It was also a bit of a mess trying to share access to the Google Drive where I had stored the symbols and GIF videos.

I did upload the Core Board with GIFs that I made in GoTalk Now to the Private Sharing area in their Online Gallery. 

If you have either GoTalk Now or GoTalk Now Plus, feel free to message me on my OMazing Kids Facebook page: I’d be glad to share the code and you would be able to download that and the GIF videos are already embedded.

Please only request it if you have GoTalk Now or GoTalk Now Plus. Unfortunately the free GoTalk Now Lite or inexpensive GoTalk Start can’t access the Online Gallery or import a file.


Archived original post:

Quite a few folks asked how I did this after I posted about it on social media on 7/1/21.


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So I decided to make this tutorial and offer it on my TPT store: *** deactivated this resource ***

Recurring subscribers on my Ko-fi site have free access to this resource as part of the subscription. See the post at–includes-video-tutorial-files-wit-T6T557PXT

This tutorial package includes:

* A handout (3 page PDF)

* Access to a Tutorial Video (12:34, unlisted on YouTube) that shows the whole process for cropping symbols, finding GIFs, converting the GIFs to videos, how to save them, how to add those to buttons in WordToob, GoTalk Now and TouchChat, the pros and cons of each of those options, etc…

* Access to a secured Google Drive folder with all cropped symbols and GIFs converted to videos used to make the 84 button board in WordToob plus a few extra videos used in GoTalk Now and TouchChat

* Access to a secured Google Drive folder with the GoTalk Now Core Board with GIFs .gtbz file that can be imported into GoTalk Now or GoTalk Now Plus (plus info about how to get my hack for importing a single page book into the GoTalk Now Lite app)

Updated 12/18/21: You can use this website to turn a portion of a YouTube video into a GIF: Thanks to Sarah Gregory for this hack:

Have questions? The best way to reach me with any questions is via messaging on the OMazing Kids Facebook page: That way messages don’t get lost among the spam in my e-mail.

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