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{How to Get FREE Access to Full PDFs of Research Articles}



{How to Get FREE Access to Full PDFs of Research Articles}

I was excited to see AAC research mentioned on The Informed SLP:

These types of posts typically just lead you to a summary of the research but not the full article. I used to spend tons of time e-mailing friends who work at a university to see if they could get me a copy an article I wanted. Occasionally this worked but often it didn’t and I was often left feeling frustrated. {what good is research if it doesn’t get into the hands of those of us out in the “trenches”?}

I personally can’t afford to subscribe to a ton of different journals but want to stay up to date on best practices. I also don’t work at a university and don’t have time to go to one to get access.

This all changed when one of my virtual AAC peeps let me in on a secret. Did you know there are websites you can use to get FREE access?!

So now I use those websites to get the research articles I am wanting to read.

Here are my go-to websites:,, If one on the list isn’t working, go on to the next one:



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