New Resource: Simple Eye Gaze Communication Flip Book

New Resource: Simple Eye Gaze Communication Flip Book:

TPT Preview Video:

This 32-page PDF resource includes:

• a tabbed 9-page Simple Eye Gaze Communication Flip Book with Open Source symbols and four extra customizable pages

• a blank tabbed 9-page eye gaze flip book template that can be totally customized with your own pictures, symbols and text

• written & video instructions for how to easily customize the printable using the free linked websites prior to printing

• written & video instructions for cutting and assembling

Free Bonus Content: a download code for a digital companion file for GoTalk Now or GoTalk Now Plus. Includes links to a YouTube video to show how to find the GoTalk Now Online Gallery and an unlisted YouTube video to demo content in this companion file, settings to adjust to simplify the interface and editing within that AAC app, etc.

The design allows for quick communication and engagement with a Start Here cover page (I want, Tell you what I think, Quick Word & Something’s wrong), tabbed secondary pages, and longer tabbed tertiary pages. An blank set of the longer tabbed pages is provided for customization for each individual’s unique interests.

A totally blank template and tab labels is provided for those who want to translate it and use symbols relevant to that environment or culture.

The resource includes links to three free websites where you can download free Open Source symbols + a free website where you can import the PDF and then add your own text and symbols or photos prior to printing.

The Simple Eye Gaze Communication Book is easy to print, cut out, laminate and assemble. Written and video instructions are included.

I created this to be used as a simple way to get started with exploring eye gaze for communication. It’s sized to be portable and fit easily in a bag or tote for use in everyday environments and on the go. Parents of my students/patients/clients LOVED these and so did AAC users across a wide range of ages.

Free Bonus Content (requires an iPad & either the GoTalk Now or GoTalk Now Plus app by Attainment Company, neither of those are included with this purchase): This digital companion file for GoTalk Now matches the content of the Simple Eye Gaze Communication Flip Book. It is primarily designed for direct touch or scanning but other access methods might be possible depending on the particular model of iPad being used. I uploaded it as a template in the private sharing area on the GoTalk Now Online Gallery. It is exclusive free bonus content for those who purchased this resource. The free GoTalk Now Lite app and the inexpensive GoTalk Start app don’t have a way to import communication books.

Why was the Bonus Content created in GoTalk Now? It offers an Online Gallery with private sharing codes, it was easy to format it to match the content of the eye gaze communication flip book + GoTalk Now/GoTalk Now Plus offers a way to program buttons to link to play music that has been purchased and downloaded into the Apple Music app. See this blog post: and offers a way to play videos that are stored on the Camera Roll or linked from YouTube. See this blog post: Both are great for immediately reinforcing the request for a highly preferred song or video and for use as a means of adapted access to these leisure activities. I explored a few other options on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire but none offered all of what I needed.

Note: This AAC resource is not intended to be a robust communication option. It is something simple to allow early exploration of eye gaze for communication. The bonus content for those with an iPad and GoTalk Now or GoTalk Now Plus provides large target low cell count digital AAC for early exploration of AAC options. Both can also be a helpful supplemental resource as part of a comprehensive AAC system.

Looking for info about robust AAC apps? Check out my five feature matching resources:

Looking for Core Word eye gaze options? I’ve seen a couple on TPT and a free one on the Project Core website.

Looking for info about eye gaze alternative access for non-tech PODD? Take a look at this website: (unfortunately that still isn’t commercially available in the USA or on letter-sized paper).

Looking for options for robust digital PODD on an iPad or other dedicated speech-generating devices? See my huge blog post: I update that post periodically. It also includes some info about other AAC apps or vocabulary sets within them that are built with pragmatic branching organization. Examples include the Voco Chat gridset available in Grid for iPad (or Grid 3 on Windows devices), the Sequoia board set in CoughDrop, pasco by Ace Centre, etc…

Free handout “Resource Roundup: PODD”:

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