Comparing Five All-Purpose Articulation Apps for SLPs in 2021

Here’s an updated comparison of five all-purpose articulation apps:

  • Articulation Station Pro
  • ArtikPix Full
  • Speech Tutor Pro
  • Webber Photo Artic Castle Pro
  • Articulate It! Pro

My recommendations have changed quite a bit recently due to glitches not being fixed in one app and two apps not being updated. This raises a red flag as to whether or not they will continue to work as new iOS versions are released.

Only two of these apps are still highly recommended: Articulation Station Pro & ArtikPix Full

Two are now designated as “purchase with caution” (Speech Tutor Pro & Webber Photo Artic Castle Pro) and one is no longer recommended for purchase (Articulate It! Pro).

I sent messages to all three app developers to ask about plans to update their app. As of the time of this blog post none of them have replied. All three of those companies have a subscription-based site so it’s likely that they are focusing on that now vs. maintaining existing apps.

See this updated interactive chart for the details:

Note: The PDF is not formatted to be printed. It is best viewed in the free Xodo app or Books app.

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