LAMP Words for Life +S & TouchChat with WordPower -s (and other word endings) App Crash (updated 4/15/22 – new glitch with Speak Characters affecting LAMP Words for Life, TouchChat & Dialogue AAC)

Update about the TouchChat glitch (5/2/22): I heard back from TouchChat Support and they asked for a picture of all of my settings in the app since they hadn’t been able to replicate the issue. I had already deleted and reinstalled the TouchChat with WordPower app on my iPad. So I didn’t have any way to know what the combination of settings were that caused it or if it was an odd glitch that might have happened when I downloaded the most recent app update. Good news though… I just tried the Hide All Icons and now I’m not having the glitch anymore. So deleting and reinstalling the app seems to have resolved the issue.

Important TouchChat Info (4/29/22): I just encountered a glitch with the TouchChat with WordPower app (version 2.36.0). I had toggled off “Show Icons” to demo a text only setup. When I tried to toggle back on the icons that toggle button would not work. I tried a Forced Restart but it didn’t resolve the issue. So I backed up all of my customized Vocab Files, deleted the app, reinstalled the app and imported all of my Vocab Files. I’ll be including this caution when folks ask me about using a text-only setup in this app until the app developer fixes the glitch.

Updated 4/15/22: The most recent update seems to have fixed the crash related to a user tapping a word ending without something else being in the Message Window but unfortunately there’s now a new glitch across all three apps (TouchChat with WordPower, Dialogue AAC & LAMP Words for Life. When “Speak Characters” is toggled on it is doing an odd speaking like it’s trying to do some funky word prediction. I’ve seen several posts from others experiencing the same issue. I reported the glitch to the support e-mail address. Hopefully it will be fixed quickly

The LAMP Words for Life app and the TouchChat with WordPower apps are both crashing when the +S button / -s button (and several other word endings) is tapped if another button hasn’t been tapped before it. It’s happening on both of my iPads (one on iOS 15.3.1 & one on iOS 14.5). I reported it to both PRC & Saltillo customer service e-mails and received the following reply “Thanks for reporting. This is a known issue that will be addressed in our next major release.” I received this reply when I asked for more details about an estimate of when it might be: “There is no eta at this time”.

So my temporary solution is to hide that button in both apps. I never recommend hiding buttons but in this particular case it’s the lesser of two evils. I’ve seen a couple of reports of users crashing the app enough times that the whole iPad then froze up 😬

How to hide the button:
Menu – Edit Page – tap the +S button – Edit this Button – scroll down an toggle off “Visible” – tap Save – tap Done. Same process for -s button in TouchChat except you’ll have to do this for each page that has a -s button. So for that app I’d just hide as they become an issue. When this is fixed in a future update you’ll need to go back through and toggle “Visible” back on for any buttons that have been hidden

Update, 3/13/22: Well it turns out that this glitch is affecting most of the word ending buttons in both apps. I saw one report of blocked buttons causing the keyboard to pop up. I haven’t had that happen but who knows what combo of an exact device + the exact iOS + and endless exact combo of Settings might cause. Hopefully PRC-Saltillo has prioritized getting this fixed ASAP

*** I’ll edit this post to announce when an update has been released to fix the issue in both apps. ***

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