AAC Apps for Chromebook

It has been a pleasant surprise to discover how many of my Android AAC and AAC-related apps can be installed via the Google Play App Store and used on my Pixelbook Go Chromebook.

Of course a Chromebook is not my top pick for an AAC device but I get pretty frequent questions about AAC options for it.

Here are some AAC apps that you *might* be able to use on a Chromebook while working towards getting that student a more portable & durable AAC device. The most robust apps are denoted in bold with an (*)

Note: These all work on my Pixelbook Go. These apps may or may not be an option for your model of Chromebook. The Google Play App Store shows compatibility info. It seems to vary quite a bit depending on the type and brand of device.

• Acapela TTS (this is where you can purchase high quality Acapela synthesized voices. It was cool that the voices that I had already purchased were also available for use on my Chromebook without having to repurchase them. They worked within several AAC apps. I wish Apple offered this type of option for purchasing voices.)

• AAC Keyboard with Friends

• All the FeelZzz

• AlphaTopics

• Articuloud

• AsTeRICS Grid

Avaz (*)

• BuzzCards

• Card Talk

• Cboard

CoreVoice (*)

CoughDrop (*)

• Deaf Note

• Emergency Chat

• Expressia

• HelpTalk

• I Can Communicate!

• iTalkDoc

• JABtalk

• Kids Story Builder

• Leeloo

• Niki Talk

• Passy-Muir Trach Tools

• Patient Communicator

• Search on ARASAAC

• Speak It

• SpeakEasy

Speech Assistant AAC (*)

• SymboTalk

• Talkie

• Talking Button

• Twinkl Symbols

• Weave Chat

• Yes / No Button

• YesNo AAC

Most of these are affordable or free apps. Info about them and links can be found in the Basic Feature Chart for Affordable and Free AAC apps & AAC-Related Apps (iOS, Android Google Play, Amazon Fire, Windows + a few Web-Based options): https://bit.ly/BasicAffordableAACchart.

In depth info about the Android versions of Avaz, CoreVoice, CoughDrop and Speech Assistant AAC can be found in the Feature Matching Chart for Robust Android AAC Apps (Android Google Play & Amazon Fire): https://bit.ly/RobustAndroidAACappChart.

A free printable handout of this post is available on TPT: https://bit.ly/AAC-Apps-4-Chromebook

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