TD Snap: Phonics Keyboards for the Motor Plan 66 pageset (free to download from MyTobiiDynavox Pageset Central)

This video shows two phonics sounds keyboards that I added to my Motor Plan 66 pageset in the TD Snap AAC app:

As you’ll see in my video, the Motor Plan 66 pageset already includes a regular QWERTY style keyboard where you can hear letter names as you type. Toggle that on under Edit – User – Preferences – Speak Characters. If you don’t want letters spoken as you type that’s where you can toggle that off.

Note: I am well aware that some folks have a very rigid “anti-phonics keyboard” stance. If this is you then don’t add this to your pageset and scroll on by. I am well aware that there are lots of other strategies needed to teach literacy skills to individuals with complex communication needs. If you need more info about that I suggest reading “Comprehensive Literacy for All” and joining the “Comprehensive Literacy for All BookStudy” group on Facebook: I am sharing these Phonics keyboards as a tool since I personally had LOTS of students/patients/clients who had a high interest in letters, letter names, letter sounds, playing with rhyming, etc. Many of them were likely hyperlexic. I also had several who were Autistic and had a passion for anything letter related. Some were likely Gestalt Language Processors and seemed to really enjoy the playing with letter sounds related to their gestalts/scripts. Having this type of keyboard in an app resonated with them and sparked interest in using their AAC system. Providing this type of option also gave school staff something that helped them include these students in phonics activities and sparked them becoming more comfortable using an AAC app. A win-win in my book. So now that the “why” is made clear onto the “how”…

I’m on my iPad in the video but also have this synced with this app on my Windows tablet. I show how to find these on Pageset Central, where I linked mine in the TD Snap Motor Plan 66 Dashboard area, how to import a page to link it to a button, etc… I used Emily Miller’s Jolly Phonics Keyboard ( as a starting point, edited to add more and did additional voice recordings.

I uploaded a text only version & a version that includes the Jolly Phonics pictures (but could easily be edited to use pictures associated with whatever phonics program your school uses).

These are both FREE downloads via Pageset Central on MyTobiiDynavox:

text only version (can easily edit to change the button colors, font color, font size & style of font)

Text only version of the TD Snap Motor Plan 66 phonics keyboard :

version with Jolly Phonics pictures (can easily edit to change the pictures)

Version with Jolly Phonics pictures: (note: I show in the video how you can delete those pictures and add you own pics to correspond with whatever phonics program is being used. Some kids liked having phonics pictures. Some didn’t. Choose the option that resonates with them)

How to find and add the new USA Motor Plan Pagesets in TD Snap. These are a new option in addition to the other pagesets (not replacing anything). These are included with TD Snap (no additional cost). Make sure you have updated TD Snap to version 1.25. These are currently available for USA English & UK English. They indicated that they are working on prioritizing development for other languages and a Spanish/English bilingual version but no specific details are known yet on the timeframes.

TD Snap AAC app (iOS version is iPad-only):

TD Snap AAC app (Windows version): purchase directly from Tobii Dynavox: Also available on their line of SGDs: (filter search further by access method to find what you might need).

More info about the TD Snap Motor Plan pagesets:

TD Snap Motor Plan Page Set Training Cards:

Want in-depth info about how these pagesets are designed and the research behind them? Read the whitepaper:

Tobii Dynavox has been offering free live webinars specifically about this new pageset option. See their website for more info: During the one that I attended on Friday (1/27/23) they mentioned that the recording of it would be uploaded to their Learning Hub. I’ll add the link here when it’s available: <link to be added>

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