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I just listed OMazing Kids Yoga on ( and several other free listing websites.

I am trying to think of all the ways I can to get the word out there that we are doing yoga for kids.

I am especially passionate about spreading the word about using yoga as a supplemental therapy for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Even more so this month since April is Autism Awareness Month. I have seen first hand how kids on the Autism spectrum have benefited from yoga 🙂

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2

OMazing Kids Yoga will be presenting at the Oklahoma Childcare Conference on April 16, 2011

In my efforts to promote kids yoga here in Oklahoma, I will be presenting “Yoga for Radiant Kids” at the Oklahoma Childcare Association Conference on April 16, 2011.

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Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2
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The Benefits of Yoga in US Schools – Wall Street Journal article

Namaste. Now Nap Time

Article from the Wall Street Journal.


A three-year-old doing a downward dog? A four-year-old doing a cobra—and then helping a stuffed animal stretch into the same pose?

Yoga for children is taking off in studios, hospitals and schools across the country, as parents look for new activities that can help motor skills development and even behavioral problems.  Yoga isn’t just good exercise for adults. A growing number of schools, hospitals and studios say it can also be a boon to kids, helping them relax and focus, and improve their flexibility.

A 2003 study by California State University, Los Angeles found that yoga improved students’ behavior, physical health and academic performance, as well as attitudes toward themselves. That same year, Leipzig University reported that yoga reduces feelings of helplessness and aggression, and in the long term helps emotional balance. The benefits of yoga are particularly strong among children with special needs, research shows.

‘A Different Language’

Now thousands of schools across the country—as well as yoga studios and hospitals—are adding programs that teach children to do the exercises.

In January, Paul Ecke Central Elementary School in Southern California added yoga to its curriculum for 650 students at $20,000 a year. Principal Adriana Chavarin says she has seen how calm and centered students are after practicing the techniques. At a recent assembly, students were getting restless as they sat on the floor. Then a few sixth graders spontaneously led the rest in yoga poses and breathing exercises.

“Every kid in the audience quieted down,” says David Miyashiro, the district superintendent. “It’s a different language they all speak now.” .  .  . To read the complete article click here. (

Includes a video:

Orginal source: Wall Street Journal

Yoga, Kids And OT: They fit together like hand and glove By Christine and James Ristuccia, and Amanda Gretsch

“Yoga, Kids And OT: They fit together like hand and glove”  by Christine and James Ristuccia, and Amanda Gretsch

A nice article that summarizes how yoga may assist in helping treat children with occupational issues such as sensory integration and developmental disorders, this article is informative for parents and caregivers in understanding the link between yoga and learning.  The article, by Christine and James Ristuccia and Amanda Gretsch, is featured in the March 14th, 2011 issue of Advance Magazine for Occupational Therapists.

Check out  Christine Ristuccia’s cool products for kids yoga at: