The Animals’ Santa: an OMazing Kids Lesson Plan & free printable coloring page

The Animals Santa book


The Animals’ Santa by Jan Brett is definitely a new fave in OMazing Kids! Her illustrations are a feast for the eyes and include amazing details on the sides that give clues about what else is going on in the story.

The book has the following opportunities for kids yoga activities:

  • Bunny Breaths
  • Snowy Tree
  • Forest of Snowy Trees
  • Lemming (mouse)
  • Heart-Shaped Mudra (for the heart-shaped wishing stone)
  • Bell Mindful Walking
  • Raven (bird)
  • Squirrel (use brown pom-poms as acorns to stretch and pick or do Toe-ga to pick up with toes)
  • Arctic Fox (cat pose + sign for “fox”)
  • Badger (big steps pretending to walk on snowshoes)
  • Polar Bear (extended Child Pose)
  • Moose (Seated Twist + hands on head as big antlers)
  • Porcupine (Lotus Mudra – fingers look like the quills)
  • Wolf (Upward Facing Dog)
  • Broken Ice Chimes Mindful Listening (small wind chimes or chime bar)
  • Snowy Owl (Gyan Mudra at eyes)


Playlist Suggestions:

  • It’s Snowing by Bobbie Lancaster
  • Silent Nights CD from Relax Kids
  • Snow by Jim Valley
  • Snow Angel & Snowy Tree on Musical Yoga Adventures CD
  • Snow Song by Mary Lu Walker
  • Snowfall by Will Hale & the Tadpole Parade

elaborate snowflake

Craft Idea: Make Wishing Stones by decorating small river rocks or glass stones with permanent markers, stickers or paint. Here’s one example: and another one using melted crayons: To promote the idea of “giving”, each child could make a wishing stone to give away as a gift. Free card to go with the gift:

 elaborate snowflake


PDF of this lesson plan:

Free Coloring Page:

The Animals' Santa - click pic to open 1-page free coloring page to go with the OMazing Kids Lesson Plan


elaborate snowflake

Love the great free printable kids yoga routines from Musical Yoga Adventures:

Snowy Tree - Muiscal Yoga Adventures

snow angel - musical yoga adventures

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elaborate snowflake


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snowy relaxation

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