Add A Little Sunshine To Your Yoga – Sun Breath & Stretch

One of my favorite YouTube clips of little kids doing yoga is from Lani Rosen-Gallagher of Full of Joy Yoga. Being inspired to try it out, I made some suns and  used them in my OMazing Kids Yoga group at the JD McCarty Center. It was OMazing how a prop as simple as a paper sun helped the kids get both arms up, to imitate breathing out “loud/fast” vs. “soft/slow”, and to stretch by moving their suns in different directions. Here is a PDF of the suns I used : small and large suns printable for Sun Stretch & Breath – yoga or you could have kids draw & cut out their own.

YouTube video – Full of Joy Yoga kids – Sun Breath:

Thanks Lani for adding some sunshine to my kids yoga! You can follow her blog at:, on Facebook:!/pages/Full-of-Joy-Yoga/284744186246 or find her online at

I’m passing the sunshine along to you so you can share the joyful sun 🙂

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  1. Posted by kendra on March 28, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    Hi! Thank you for this 🙂 I thought I remembered there was a sun to color with affirmations on this post/ for this activity ? Was it with a dirrent activity/post? If it was taken down can you tell me where to find it?
    Thank you – Kendra

    • Hi Kendra – I went to great lengths to attempt to locate the original source of the pic when I saw it as an uploaded pin on Pinterest but could not. After I shared it on Facebook I received a rather harsh post from the author claiming I had taken her copyrighted work. I always go to great lengths to share original sources & give credit. You will see that if you check out other posts I have done. So I apologized but did not intentionally mean any harm. That is why I deleted the FB post & the image from this blog post. At this point I do not plan on sharing the author’s name or that of the book.

  2. thanks for posting!

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