Spanish AAC Apps, Devices & Resources (Hablo con CAA)

Spanish AAC Apps, Devices & Resources (Hablo con CAA)

It can be challenging to find information about and resources for AAC in languages other than English. Since Spanish is the most common language after English in my state I have compiled a list to make it easier to share with parents:
Hablo con CAA is a great website in Spanish: They also have a Facebook page & Facebook group. Most posts are in Spanish.

Prompting hierarchy:
Video about Aided Language Stimulation – in Spanish:

The Communication Matrix assessment is available online in Spanish: See this post in Spanish explaining the website:
Saltillo webinars in Spanish:
Saltillo Core Vocabulary handout:
PRC Spanish info:
LAMP Words for Life Quick Reference Guide in Spanish:ñol.pdf
Assistiveware’s resources for Proloquo2Go in Spanish:
Core Word Board: front:, back:
Core Word Poster:×1189-CoreWord-Poster-es-ES.pdf

More printable options:

* AAC Core Words to Go in Spanish Picture Communication (available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers:

* Spanish Communication Flip Board (FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers:

* Graduated Core Word Photo Boards with Flip Fringe Vocab & Spanish Version (FREE on TPT:

* 72 Spanish Graduated Core Board (FREE on TPT:


More materials:

Adapted books:
High Tech AAC for Spanish Speakers – in the ASHA Leader 3/18/16: (note: The AAC app world is constantly changing. Even though that article is less than 2 years old it is already outdated. LAMP Words for Life now has a bilingual Spanish/English option & Snap + Core First has been released and then updated to add a bilingual Spanish/English option).
PrAACtical AAC:
Boardmaker boards in Spanish:
Dedicated Speech Generating Devices:

* PRC’s Accent series of devices with UNIDAD bilingual English – Spanish language system.
* Saltillo’s NovaChat series of devices. Several Spanish pageset options.
* Tobii Dynavox offers Snap + Core First in several dedicated devices. This vocabulary has a bilingual Spanish/English option.
Robust AAC apps:

* CoughDrop by CoughDrop, Inc.,

How to translate a board in CoughDrop:

* Proloquo2Go by AssistiveWare, has a bilingual Spanish/English option

* Proloquo4Text by AssistiveWare, (has Spanish option)

* LAMP Words For Life by Prentke Romich Company, has a bilingual Spanish/English option

* Snap + Core First by Tobii Dynavox LLC, has a bilingual Spanish/English option

* TouchChat HD – AAC with WordPower by Silver Kite, has 10 different Spanish pagesets options within the app

* Avaz Español – AAC App para el autismo (Software de comunicación aumentativa Imagen para Niños con Necesidades Especiales) by Avaz, Inc. – Spanish only

* BRIDGE Communication by Bioprism, Inc. (has Spanish & English options in the settings area)

Other AAC apps (not robust but can be helpful to meet specific needs):

* LetMeTalk by AppNotize UG (haftungsbeschraenkt), (Android version:

* Verbal Me Español by,


3/15/20: Check out the updated Pinterest boards by Lauren Enders. Nicely organized by sections within the board to help you find what you’re looking for:

If you know of other good Spanish AAC resources, feel free to let me know over on Facebook messaging on my OMazing Kids page.
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