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{App Review & Giveaway} I’m loving the multisensory approach and customization options in the new Lively Letters app! It was exciting to hear that the company decided to keep the app priced at $19.99 so that it will be affordable for teachers, therapists & parents. I have one app code to giveaway so keep reading…. giveaway details are at the end of this post ūüėÉ.

There are three activities included in the Lively Letters App:

* The Flashing Activity introduces and teaches letter sounds and speech production. Hear the letter sound, the song, and the letter sound story in English or Spanish. Also see the associated hand and mouth cue photo and practice tracing the letter.
* The Tracking Activity develops letter sounds, phonics, and phonemic awareness skills to improve reading and spelling.
* The Matching Activity is a fun way to practice letter sounds and speech production.

All three activities allow you to select the letters you want to work with, as well as the type of letter. The types of letters are Lively Letters pictures, in lowercase and uppercase, and plain letters, in lowercase or uppercase.

The app offers several options for backgrounds: 6 fun themed backgrounds, 8 solid color backgrounds & the option to import a picture from your device. The solid backgrounds are especially of interest to those of us working with kids with special needs who need a high contrast or clutter-free background. I can also envision the option to import a picture as a custom background being helpful in tapping into kids high interest areas (see pic where I imported Thomas the Train as a background).


This is a well-designed app that I highly recommend! For those wondering about the $19.99 price, think about what you would spend on letter cards, letter songs, letter tracing apps, a memory match game, etc…. and you will quickly understand the value of the features included in this app and that it is well worth every penny. The app has high quality pictures, illustrations, music & voiceovers. It contains both simple and detailed instructions, the option to set up several users, data collection & option to e-mail results.

I only have three wishes for a future app update:
1. For the entire app to be in “landscape” mode. Currently the app set up screens are in “portrait” mode and then the app switches to “landscape” mode when the user is doing an activity.
2. It would also be nice to have an easy way to toggle between various background options without having to end an activity and start over going though the settings.
3. There needs to be a way to delete a user from the app.


App Store: Lively Letters – Phonemic Awareness & Phonics by Telian-Cas Learning Concepts Inc, https://appsto.re/us/1xmMib.i, iPad-only, requires iOS 9.0 or later, $19.99 (pricing outside of the USA will vary depending on the exchange rate).


App overview video:

More about the app: http://readingwithtlc.com/livelylettersapp.html

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