{App Reviews} Advanced Naming Therapy & AlphaTopics by Tactus Therapy Solutions



{App Reviews} Advanced Naming Therapy & AlphaTopics by Tactus Therapy Solutions

Although Tactus Therapy Solutions apps are primarily designed for adult patients, I have found them quite helpful in my work with older kids & teens. Their apps always have a clean intuitive interface and high quality pictures. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out these two:



Advanced Naming Therapy – Speech Exercises to Help Word Finding by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
https://appsto.re/us/Wrmtab.i, Introductory Price $19.99 USD until end of June, iPad only (website indicates working on expanding to include iPhone)

Taking over where their best-selling Naming Therapy app left off, Advanced Naming Therapy moves beyond confrontation naming strategies to give you more to talk about in new ways.

* Create sentences around common verbs

* Generate words in categories against the clock

* Compare and contrast related concepts

* Describe funny and interesting pictures





I have a couple of older kids and teen patients who have word finding issues and have responded well to use of this app. The Venn diagram format for “compare and contrast” and the funny/interesting pictures were especially helpful. I highly recommend this app!

More info: http://tactustherapy.com/app/advanced-naming/


AlphaTopics – AAC Letter & Topic Communication Boards + Whiteboard for Dysarthria & Aphasia by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
https://appsto.re/us/1c4C5.i, $4.99, iOS Universal

AlphaTopics lets you speak naturally, while giving your conversation partner enough context to understand you better. Just point to the topic or the first letter of each word you say. Get your point across faster and clearer with this simple speech supplementation strategy.

* Alphabet board says the name of each letter. I especially like the smiley face laugh button & the question mark “huh?” button.
* Topics board can be fully customized
* White board to write or draw your message
* Individualize colors, layout, and access method


image image image

The boards can all be e-mailed as a PDF for easy printing as a non-tech backup. Definitely worth having this low cost AAC option in my toolbox!

More info: http://tactustherapy.com/app/alphatopics-aac/

Disclaimer: I received both of these apps via promo codes from the developer. No compensation was received to review them and my opinions are strictly my own.

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