Book Review & Giveaway: Colors for Zena, Apple Farmer Annie & Color and Cook Healthy Snacks by Monica Wellington


Want fun books that promote early learning & healthy choices for kids? You’ll love Monica Wellington’s books as much as I do! Check out her newest book “Colors for Zena”…..

Product Description:  

Colors for Zena: Zena’s world lacks color, so she sets out to find some. On her walk, she first finds one primary color, then another. But red, blue, and yellow aren’t enough—Zena wants more colors! Out pops an orange lion, a green frog, and a purple dragon, a combination of the colors she has seen. Zena and her friends then do some color mixing themselves, creating more colors and a bright painting using them all. Vibrant illustrations and simple text make Monica Wellington’s latest book a perfect pick for budding young artists.

A peek inside the book:



zena 2


zena 3


zena 4

  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Dial  (Penguin Publishing) (July 11, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0803737432
  • ISBN-13: 978-0803737433
  • Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.7 x 0.5 inches

Also included in this giveaway are Color & Cook HEALTHY SNACKS (Dover Coloring Books): It’s summertime, and Molly and Jack have stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables from the Farmer’s Market. Now it’s time to whip up some yummy treats — and sell them to their friends in the neighborhood! This tasty coloring book will show children how to eat right with a variety of healthy, hearty snacks.

coloring page healthy snacks


coloring page healthy snacks 2


coloring page healthy snacks 4

  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Dover Publications (December 17, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0486474496
  • ISBN-13: 978-0486474496
  • Product Dimensions: 0.2 x 8.1 x 10.8 inches

& Apple Farmer Annie: Annie and I have been BFF’s since 2012. See this blog post for a review, kids yoga lesson plan, printable, playlist, apple-themed crafts & more: My enthusiastic love of this book is what caused the author to e-mail me about doing a review for her newest book, Colors for Zena. I still get “star struck” when a well-known author contacts me via e-mail or social media!!

  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Puffin (Penguin Publishing); Reprint edition (August 19, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0142401242
  • ISBN-13: 978-0142401248
  • Product Dimensions: 0.2 x 9.2 x 7.7 inches


Thanks to Penguin Publishing for donating several extra copies of Colors for Zena & Apple Farmer Annie. They are getting great use in the speech-language therapy department and elementary classroom at the JD McCarty Center. Our kids said “Thanks”!

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Here’s what I love about these books: 

Colors for Zena

  • Each 2-page spread is devoted to a color. I love that there are different shades of each color and that the book introduces the concept of mixing colors to make a new one.
  • Simple text on each page allows the focus to be on the large vivid illustrations.
  • Lots of opportunity for vocabulary development by talking about things that are in the background on each page.
  • It’s fun to look for one of the girl’s hidden animals on many of the pages.  One of my 4 year old patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders LOVES to look for the animals. This book has been a great way to work on colors and using them in utterances. Many of the pages also depict groups of items so it’s been fun to work on plural word endings.
  • The last page has a color wheel, simple info about primary and secondary colors and suggestions for color exploration activities for kids.
  • The book has several opportunities for kids yoga (dog, frog, lion, dinosaur, cat, bird, fish, butterfly, book, bed, flower, tree, flowering vines, stream, sun, clouds, rainbow, bus, fire truck, airplane, castle, tower, painting)

Colors for Zena kids yoga sequence from OMazing Kids

.(The cute stick figure yoga pose pics are available on: )


Color & Cook HEALTHY SNACKS coloring book

  • Depicts Jack & Molly playing outside and then looking for healthy snacks. They walk to the local farmers market with their mom where they buy lots of fruits and vegetables. Love how the book promotes healthy choices in a fun way!
  • This book would be fun to use as part of a theme on healthy eating or as activities for therapists to use in feeding therapy sessions.
  • The kids go through several steps to make each healthy snack (vegetable salsa salad, fruit chunk popsicles, baked veggie chips, coated pretzel wands, fruit smoothies)
  • Fun 2-page spread of an alphabet of healthy foods.
  • Shows kids with an entrepreneurial spirit as they set up a Healthy Snack Stand in their front yard.
  • Recipes are included at the end of the book.
  • The last page shows the kids going back to the farmers market…… where this time they meet Apple Farmer Annie (not named in the book but I’d recognize my BFF anywhere!)

The author generously sent me five of her other coloring books to use with the kids at the J.D McCarty Center:  

  • Color & Cook Activity Book – includes seek-and-find, dot-to-dot, matching, word scrambles, mazes, hidden pictures, crosswords, word searches, what doesn’t belong, patterning, spot-what’s-different and following directions activity pages, 30 stickers & more. Answer keys for the activity pages are provided in the back of the book. This will be fun to use with some of the older kids at JDMC!
  • Color & Cook Cupcakes – This time Molly & Jack decide to bake cupcakes. Similar to the Healthy Snacks coloring book. Lots of opportunity to work on sequencing & following directions. Fun ideas for 12 seasonal & holiday cupcake decorating. Recipes for four types of cupcakes & frostings are included.
  • Color & Cook Pizza – Molly & Jack continue their cooking adventures….. this time with homemade pizza. Love that they pick fresh vegetables from their grandparents’ garden for pizza toppings! Then they head to the supermarket for more ingredients and the houseware store for a big pizza pan, pizza cutter and other supplies. Love the details about making dough (ex: sugar helping yeast grow more quickly) and lots of great vocabulary (sticky, stretchy, push, pull, punch, pound, roll, cut, etc.). Recipes are included. This will be awesome to use with the author’s book “Pizza at Sally’s” or as part of my ever growing lesson plan for Pete’s a Pizza!
  • Color & Garden Vegetables – Lucy & Sam go through several steps to plant a vegetable garden, care for it and pick the harvest. Lots of examples of different types of gardens are given.
  • Color & Garden Flowers – This time Lucy & Sam plant a flower garden.  Flowers that grow during different seasons are depicted. Love the “Language of Flowers” pages that give meanings attributed to each flower (ex: pink lotus = wise purity, buttercup = heart of gold, etc….).  The “flower power” 2-page spread reminds me of mandala patterns. Both of these Color & Garden books will be fun to add to my lesson plan on seeds & gardens:
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Monica’s books & coloring books are available for purchase on Books are also available on Penguin Publishing:,,Author_1000017543,00.html
The coloring books are also available on the Dover Publishing website:

For product updates, be sure to check out her website 

& publishers’ social media sites:,


Celebrating November as Picture Book Month

picture book month

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  • 1 copy of Apple Farmer Annie (paperback book) – from Penguin Publishing / the author
  • 1 copy of Color & Cook HEALTHY SNACKS coloring book – from Dover Publishing / the author

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  1. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the 3 winning entries:

    * Merrill Forman OTR & RYT in Massachusetts: “I love my job! Working with young children on the autism spectrum for the past 27 years has required a variety of tools and techniques. Using books and other visual materials to accompany movement activities is crucial. These wonderful books are simple, have a rhythm and repetition that is capturing. I would love to add these to my repertoire of activities and build additional activities off the content…thank you for your consideration….”

    * Jenny Williams in Rhode Island: “Here’s why I am SO excited about this entry:
    (1) I too have been BFFs with Apple Farmer Annie and use it in my Mommy & Me and Preschool Yoga classes. I use your sequence handout (parents LOVE this) and I wrote about how I made little baskets for apple picking out of yogurt containers and pipe cleaners. I only have a board book copy of this book which isn’t ideal for sharing. If I were to win I would donate my board book to Child and Family Services preschool program (with your handout). (2) I use many books about color (Brown Bear, Brown Bear) in my yoga classes. Yoga is about awareness and mindfulness and for the younger crowd noticing color is a fun and engaging way to get children be aware of their surroundings. I love Monica’s illustrations and think they are fun and perfect for my younger yogis. (3) My sister is a dietician and I have been collaborating with her about a way to plan a fun yoga class that would incorporate teaching about healthy eating . Having an engaging way to become aware of where food comes from and to be a part of food preparation is such a great first step. (I am running out of room so I will stop here – thanks SO much for accepting another entry from me 🙂

    * Beth Guerrette in California: “All 3 of these books support the learning
    points of learning colors & connecting us to the world around us, making healthy
    lifestyle choices, and connecting to seasonal changes. I currently teach children’s yoga classes to ages 2-10 and could use these books as visual tools for these lessons. I love using books along with our practice! Thank you for the giveaway!”

    Thanks to everyone who participated! Be watching for another review/giveaway on OMazing Kids soon 🙂

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