Robot-Themed Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Ideas

Robot Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Ideas

One of the most frequent requests on OMazing Kids has been for “robot-themed” kids yoga lesson plan ideas.  I have searched for “robot theme kids yoga ideas” several times. There is alot more for a “space theme” than for “robots” but here’s what I found:

* Robots Slither by Ryan Ann Hunter [picture book with the following opportunities for yoga: cobra, bug, chair, bed, fish, whale, boat, rocket, star, tree, cat, skateboarder (warrior 2), breath of fire, dinosaur stomps, cross-crawl hike, up dog, down dog]

* Lots of Bots! by David A. Carter [pop-up picture book with the following opportunities for yoga: helicopter, cat, cow, mountain, vacuum cleaner breath, wiggle bot yoga freeze dance, washing machine, toothbrush, woodchopper, hip-hop robot dance, boat, treasure chest, acro-bots (any acro-yoga partner activities that would be safe for those kids ages & abilities)]



Robot Makes a New Friend on the Moon


* One of the Move With Me DVD’s has a robot-themed class: Robot Makes a New Friend on the Moon (


Robot yoga poses:

Robot Relaxation Script

Robot Relaxation Script from Relax Kids:

Yoga Warrior cards

Yoga Warrior Cards from Radiant Child Yoga – great for kids who love robots or transformers:

robot mandala

A fun robot mandala:

retro robots coloring page

Retro robots coloring page:


Super cute build your own robot printable from Picklebums

recycled robot craft

This recycled robot craft would be fun to do with older kids:

cosmic kids yoga

Fun new video from Cosmic Kids! Meet Spartz-24. He’s a dog who’s a robot (a ‘RoboDog’) – in a story about listening to your body and noticing what’s going on.

Here is a post I did with space-theme ideas:

Feel free to share any ideas you have for “robot-themed” yoga in the comments below or on the OMazing Kids Facebook page!

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