3…2…1…. Blastoff! Ideas for an Outer Space Kids Yoga Class

Want some fun ideas for an Outer Space kids yoga class?

We recently had a great discussion on the OMazing Kids Yoga Facebook page and lots of cool ideas were shared. I’m saving them here on the blog so folks will be able to find the info more easily.

Updates: Here is my new playlist for Outer Space & Star Wars themed yoga

Update 2/17/13: New song added to my “space” playlist. “Rocket Ship” by Bari Koral: http://www.amazon.com/Rocket-Ship/dp/B007U2LKLO 

See an album of pics of ideas on FB: http://www.facebook.com/OMazingKidsYoga#!/media/set/?set=a.342172392500439.95278.174264525957894&type=3 (new pics added frequently)

Here are the ideas folks shared:

Laurea Palmantier Hello! Just wondering if anyone has some ideas on outer space themed yoga? Thank you!

Kara Best Oh my yoga kids love when we go to outer space! We use chair pose as our rocket and I let the kids take turns counting down fm 5 to blast off where we come out of chair with a lil jump. We ‘land’ on the moon (crescent moon pose), twinkling stars (supine or standing, touch opposite hand to foot), saturn (group pose holding hands, leaning back), mars (lots to do with aliens ie inversions or make up their own shape as examples), space rocks (childs pose) and more I end resting on clouds.

Alicia Fry LaGrassa Loving the ideas…Kara has good ones, and I like the Star Wars idea as well. I was just pondering this last week, and I jotted down to use “Rocketship Run” by Laurie Berkner. (And there’s a countdown to blastoff for Kara!)

Laura Fuller Something anti gravity. And moonwalking.

YogaBugs North & East London See the YogaBugs Fun Zone at www.yogabugs.com. We have a free Intergalactic Space Adventure to download plus a colouring-in sheet to go with it. (Note: See the info below for a direct link to that info on their website).

Garland Caz Rainbow kids yoga has also got ideas about space x (Note: See the info below for a direct link).
Nancy Williams I use helicopter to fly and everyone takes a turn discussing just where, in outer space, they will travel.  We have also done any moving pose in incredibly slow motion, i.e. yoga walk, warrior, cat, triangle, etc.  A guided imagery geared to this theme is also well received and eye bags become moon goggles.
Jeanette Runnings We do a rocket taking off by squating down and then jump pu to blast off.  Sun breaths, star pose, moon pose(side stretch) half moon (if older kids), moon rock pose(child’s pose) Falling star pose -shifting weight to each foot.
OMazing Kids Yoga ‎- Nancy Williams shared this guided imagery script today….. reposting here so everyone in this discussion thread will see it:
MISSION PEACE – Today is an important day and you feel excitement growing inside of you. Taking a deep breath through your nose you begin to feel calm and more focused. Today you will travel with your fellow astronauts into outer space.   You slip one leg and then the other into a silver jumpsuit that has been selected as your official uniform for your travel. You fall in line with your team and find yourself walking through the exit door and down a ramp towards the shuttle. You climb the steps that have been placed in front of the shuttle and wave at the people that have gathered to watch the blast off.   Inside the shuttle you see a circle of seats and you land in the nearest one. You slip one shoulder and then the other into the harness seat belt that will secure you in this powerful take off. You look in front of you and notice the floor is a window and you will be able to view the entire landscape around you during your travel.   The intercom announces your departure and the four… three… two…one…launch has become a reality. You feel the power of the release as you are sent into the atmosphere and find yourself looking at the earth as if it were a pea. You see the light change as you move into outer space and take a deep breath to calm your ever- growing excitement.   You now see particles of light, chards of meteor and a darker horizon. The atmosphere has shifted and you observe a hair comb float by you. Your team member laughs as he realizes he forgot to take his comb out of his pocket before entering the shuttle. You know your trip will be short as time is reduced when you travel this fast. You look forward to your mission.   Stars are around you now and there are wifts of hazy matter you are not familiar with. The area is dark and you realize you have traveled far beyond the earth’s orbit.   The intercom informs you that you will soon be landing on your destination and you take yet another breath to calm your building anticipation. You feel the landing and are instructed to release your harness, move into the outer chamber and suit up for your mission. It is only ten steps to the exit and you begin to move. As you place the outer-wear over your jumpsuit you find that you are weightless and must move slowly in order to keep your balance. You place the helmet with oxygen over your head and as the inner chamber door locks you step through the opening outer exit. Out into a world that is unfamiliar and resembles a mystical version of your planet earth. You have been chosen to place the flag into the crust of this new planet and you begin to do so with the support of your team. You stand back and admire the design that has been developed for this mission and notice the colorful symbol and letters warm your heart. Each letter has been carefully designed to put the intention of your mission into the energy of this place. You smile, and know that the PEACE you have chosen to represent this mission will generate the intention of the entire planet earth. Peace, shanti, the message we all wish to place into our future.   Feeling complete and content you move with the small team back through the shuttle door and decompress in the inner chamber. Removing your suits, you move back into the inner shuttle where you secure your seat belts and prepare for the return voyage.   Taking a deep breath you now relax and know you have made a contribution to the world and can feel proud of your mission. The Peace shuttle lifts and propels from the new found planet to carry you home.
Laurea Palmantier Pure Awesome! “Once Upon a  Pose” by Donna Freeman has a space adventure story in her book as well. Thank you everyone!

A fun outer space kids yoga lesson plan & free coloring page from YogaBugs Ltd: http://www.yogabugs.com/images/YogaBugs%20-%20An%20Intergalactic%20Adventure.pdf & http://www.yogabugs.com/images/YogaBugs-Colouring-In-Space-Mission.pdf

A fun outer space kids yoga lesson plan from Rainbow Kids Yoga: http://yoganomics.net/2010/06/holiday-vacation-in-outer-space/

Love this from Cyn Narcisi Illustration! http://cynnarcisi.blogspot.com/2010/01/yoga-is-good-for-artists-and-jedi.html And check out: http://cynnarcisi.blogspot.com/2010/07/yoga-with-yoda-how-to-do-virabhadrasana.html (PDF: http://www.cynnarcisi.com/YOGA_Yoda_W2.pdf)

All the Star Wars Yoga pics are from: http://robosborne.net/shop. Also check out a video of the pics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJgDgm6orU4

Hilarious Star Wars inspired yoga YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZLXQyF58i8

“Yoga Warriors” yoga pose card deck from Radiant Child Yoga!  I have them and boys, especially those with a facination for Star Wars, Power Rangers and/or Transformers, etc… love them 🙂 http://store.childrensyoga.com/Yoga-Warriors-Cards-p/yoga%20warriors%20cards.htm

“Roaring Rockets” by Tony Mitton will be fun to use with an Outer Space kids yoga theme 🙂 Here’s a peek inside the book: http://www.amazon.com/Roaring-Rockets-Amazing-Machines-Mitton/dp/0753453053#reader_0753453053

Coloring Page: http://icoloringpages.com/wp-content/uploads/wallpapers/Space-Ship-Coloring-Page.gif  (links to several more fun coloring pages: http://www.squidoo.com/space-coloring-pages2)

(Update 7/3/13: Check out the Cosmic Kids website for a fun new lesson plan inspired by the book “Aliens Love Underpants”: http://www.cosmickids.co.uk/aliens-love-underpants-a-kids-yoga-class-plan/)

Have more ideas that you would like to share for “Outer Space” kids yoga? Feel free to comment below 🙂

Looking for “Robot-Themed” kids yoga ideas? Check out this post: https://omazingkidsllc.com/2013/02/02/robot-themed-kids-yoga-lesson-plan-ideas/

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  2. Any ideas for robot yoga? I have a group of kids into robots…not quite outer space, but sort of! Ideas?

  3. I just put together a lesson using some of the ideas. Thanks all for sharing! I included Rocket Pose (Chair Pose) with a Blastoff countdown, moon and star poses, have kids drive the lunar module and do a moon walk to collect rocks (put craft pom-poms in a bag. And there’s no gravity, so in slow motion of course!), Next, I’ll have the kids act out “Rocketship Run” by Laurie Berkner, which includes sun, moon, stars, and Earth, plus spinning, dancing, jumping, and a rocket blasting off! We’ll end with reading “Roaring Rockets” by Tony Mitton and move into a Star relaxation.Background music will include “Here Comes the Sun”, as well as “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven and “Claire de Lune” by Claude Debussy. I think the kids are going to have fun with it!

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