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My favorite animal is the Moose….. I literally have hundreds of moose items (plush, books, games, socks, T’s, PJ’s, art, figurines, dishes, quilts, music ….. the list goes on & on). The Moose “high interest/passion” started when I was a kid watching Bullwinkle.

My favorite moose book to use in kids yoga is “Agate: What Good Is A Moose?” by Joy Morgan Dey

Agate the Moose suffers from low self-esteem, always comparing himself to his sparkling friends, named for birthstones. In the end, they help Agate to see that he, too, is a beautiful gem, a secret jewel. I love, love, LOVE this book! It has wonderful illustrations, descriptive vocabulary, is full of animals that fit with yoga poses/activities, shows the power of kind words & friends, etc…

Here are the opportunities for yoga poses in the book: alligator, elephant, penguin (mountain – then waddle), giraffe, lion, monkey (chest taps), bear (bear crawl, waltzing to 1-2-3 beat, sleeping bear – child’s pose), porcupine (padma/lotus mudra –, hippo (happy baby & rock-n-roll), racoon (gyan mudra at eyes – like the mask on a racoon, eagle, and bat (lay on back, legs up and crossed, arms crossed).

Depending on the class size & specific kids in the class, I either do coloring for relaxation and/or do belly breathing with small river rocks or polished stones. See free printable coloring sheets & mandala below. I found polished agate gemstone rocks at the Museum of Natural History gift shop and have also gotten some in gift shops in mountain towns on vacation.

I have lots of “moose music” and develop my playlist based on the sensory needs of the kids in the class. See Soundcloud playlist below.

I tie in affirmation mantras based on the meanings for the birthstones (see free printable below) & include a discussion about the beauty inside each of us and the power of positive words & friends.

A great short video from the author & illustrator:

I bought the book at:

Author’s Websites: & – lots of fun free stuff for the book. Buy the poster at:


 click on each pic to open coloring page & puzzle PDF’s

Printables I made to use as story props with the book: click each pic to open up that PDF

Larger Animal Story Props:

Agate Whate Good Is A Moose – Large Animal Story Props – 8-page PDF

New: More Precious than Jewels affirmation coloring activity

I made this to use as an affirmation coloring activity for Camp ClapHans. After doing yoga along with the book, each child drew or wrote things that they were good at or liked about themselves in the middle of each gem. For kids that are not able to do that, this activity could be adapted by having small pictures or symbols that the child could choose from and glue onto each gem.

Playlist: Please be mindful of kids individual sensory needs when using music in a group setting ( 🙂,,,

More free printables to go with this amazing book!

Moose & Birch Leaves Mandala – source: – I just added the moose clip art border

New Moose Mandala from


Moose Tracks Printable – source: Karma Wilson’s author website:

Cool Moose Tree Pose Coloring Sheet (by Cyn Narcisi – amazing illustrator: &

Love this Moose Craft printable from! (

Moose Craft 2


Moose Doodle Coloring Page:

Moose Zendoodle:


UPDATE – New 2/3/16:



{Coloring Page Giveaway} Get a FREE copy of this awesome new detailed moose coloring page from PlayKites Designs. Here’s how to get your copy…. easy as 1-2-3:

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Then I will reply with a link to where you can download the free PDF printable 🙂

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