Using a Bluetooth Mouse or Bluetooth Trackpad to Model on an AAC App on an iPad (or as a means of alternative access)

If an iPad is on iOS 13.4 or later, you can use a Bluetooth mouse or Bluetooth trackpad.

It’s a way to model AAC or demo any apps without having to touch the iPad screen.

This can be helpful for kids who might become disregulated, overwhelmed or aggressive when someone gets in their personal space to touch the iPad screen to model.

Here’s a video:

Can also be used as an alternative means of access. See this example on TouchChat with WordPower. The key is to make sure the trackpad, trackball or mouse is compatible with Apple iOS

How to set up the Accessibility settings for Pointer Control: Tip: You need to have your Bluetooth mouse or trackpad paired with that iPad in order for Pointer Control to show up as an option in the Accessibility settings

I already had a Dell Bluetooth travel mouse that doesn’t require a USB receiver.

I also use this cool Bluetooth remote control that has a tiny trackpad for modeling and demos of apps: TNP Bluetooth Remote Control for iPad iPhone – Trackpad Media Presenter for iOS Mac Android Tablet PC – Wireless Camera Shutter, Media Button, Presentation Clicker, iPad Air Pro, MacBook Pro Mini M1,

Both of these have worked in every AAC app and other apps that I’ve tried so far 😊

Look for a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad that indicates that it works well with an iPad. I have a few older computer mouses that didn’t.

Please use wisdom and be respectful. If the AAC user doesn’t want you to model on their device even via remote means then you need to respect that. Other options for modeling include using a second device or a printed copy.

It’s important to reflect on why they may not want you to model at all.

The AAC Coach has several great posts about forming authentic connections and relationships with AAC users…

Verbal Referencing is a powerful strategy to use when modeling:

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Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC, OMazing Kids AAC Consulting