TD Snap: a visual guide to getting started

TD Snap: a visual guide to getting started is now available for purchase on my OMazing Kids AAC Consulting TPT Store:

This resource has a 78 page PDF, access to a 35 minute unlisted YouTube video.

There is one topic per page with visuals.

This guide walks you through the initial set up and customization process for the TD Snap AAC app with a focus on the Core First pageset being used via direct access touch with a finger by kids, teens or young adults on an iPad. It has all kinds of information to get you going, ideas to foster ownership, the different versions of the app and types of pagesets, information about choosing a grid size, how to set it up, how to edit, ideas for customization, time stamped links to specific sections within helpful webinars, finding user groups, manuals and other resources, info about how SLPs can get free access and more… See the description on TPT for more info.

TPT Preview Video:

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Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC, OMazing Kids AAC Consulting