What to do if you see this error message…

I’ve seen numerous posts in a variety of Facebook AAC groups over the past week or so regarding folks getting an error message that the developer needs to update the app. But I have all of the apps in question and know that they are all updated and work fine on both iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.6 (the most current iOS).

What to do if you see this error message depends on the type of device you are using:

  1. Regular iPads: For those using the AAC app on a regular (not “managed”) iPad, check to make sure the iOS and the AAC are both updated and then do a forced restart. You may need to check in your Purchased area in the App Store to make sure there isn’t an update that just hasn’t been pushed out to you yet. See this blog post if you need info about how to do a forced restart: https://omazingkidsllc.com/2021/01/01/how-to-do-a-force-restart-on-an-ipad/. This seems to be resolving the issue for those on regular (not “managed”) devices.
  2. Mobile Device Management (MDM) system devices: If you are using a “managed” iOS-based device and are not able to access the areas to update the iOS and app on it, then you’ll need to check with the company that sold that device. Their customer service number should be on the back of the device. If not, see this post for info about companies that sell those: https://omazingkidsllc.com/2021/03/12/fundable-ios-based-aac-devices/. My best guess is there’s something in their management system that’s either preventing an update or triggering that error message. If the school district provided the device and uses their own system to manage them, then you’ll need to check with the department that handles that.

If any of the companies that sell managed devices have additional insights on what to do feel free to message me on my OMazing Kids AAC Consulting Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/OMazingKidsAAC/) I’ve had several folks asking so I’ll be giving updates on any new info.

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